Water Rooting

silver77(Huntington Bch)December 19, 2004

My plumeria that I began water rooting in September has only tiny white root nubs. The nubs dont grow. They have been like this for two months. Periodically I add violet fertilizer in the water to try to help it along.

It put out two nice big leaves. There are more leaves coming in little spikes, along with what appears to be a flower stalk. And for the past week, the two big leaves it grew turned yellow and fell off!

I think it sacrificed its two big leaves for the new growth its putting out, including the flower stalk. Will it survive?

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Hi Silver - Once you see the nubs, go ahead and pot it up into soil. Yes, it should survive well for you.


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darkstar(z6 nj)

hey silver....

i watch and lurk in this group... and have been a king in water rooting i use so few little things to gain success..
rooting hormone...like rootone spring water heat and light... i have had them indoors and out in the summer months i live in zone 6 so i get a short growing time...

i have had cuttings bloom while water rooting and in a vase full of roots... changing water and dusting with rootone is a must and keeping these babies warm helps.
also using epsom salt in small quanties help premote root groth and green leaves...and a high middle number food help premote flowers.

i have had blooms in december and even indoors in march...
frangipanis take a lot of attention during the winter months where i live but the blooms and fragrance makes it worth every hour...
good luck and happy growing.

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Klodec(France 8b)

Yes ! but be careful ! Once Root nubs have popped, Pot it
in the appropriate mix. dont leave it soaking in water !
Remember Plumeria are NOT weeping willows...
The hot water rooting process works fine, I tried it myself
with a Singapore... with success ! but AGAIN soaking in water (hot) is OK to induce the rooting process, But once
roots appears, you should repot. If not doing so, the cutting might rot, not root !

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How frequently do you change the water when water rooting?

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wanda662(Stuart, Fl)

The stem that you put in water should have nubs in the first 2 weeks! I don't change the water. It is like water rooting any cutting that will take it!
I had one that I have left in water for one month and got roots growing, never changed the water, but did add to it!
Put your cutting in a container, put water up 3", and watch it nub! Since you are in zone 8, place it in a window with bright light, or place on the top of refrigerator with a little heat.
Good luck and let us know how you did?
If it is going to Rot, then it will!
Plumeria is like anything that you water root. Some make it, some don't!

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Klodec(France 8b)

I am now trying to water root a Yellow Singapore 'Mele Pa Bowman'.

I use a plastic bottle cutted at the top, filled with hot water. Added a cocktail of vitamin/hormones to the water, plus pieces of charcoal to sanitize the water.
- added rooting hormone to the callous end.
- Most important : I keep the water hot with an aquarium heater plunged in the bottle, and the thermostat is currently set at 32°C. when water rooting a plumeria, I believe this is important to do so with hot water. cold or room temperature will be slower or will probably fail to root.
- I Provide plenty of light and heat at daytime (Growlights)
- In order to discourage rot, until I see white nubs, I let dry a bit the cutting at night, heated up at the top of my computer screen. This is a great tip ! The screen - not the TFT for obvious reasons - provides lots of heat, and the cutting, layed flat on it is hot at both ends.
I think this heat treatment will promote the rooting process.

I agree with wanda662 : the cutting quality is essential.
bad quality cuttings will dissapoint you. Good quality cuttings is the basic point to start from.

Good luck !

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Great feedback! Many, many thanks!

I've had my 36 cuttings in water 24-48 hours. After I cut ~2" off the bottoms, I dusted them w/ rooting hormone. I let them sit ~10 days before putting them in water. Some of them look like they are already lost, but most of the others remain firm and healthy. I suppose in the next 5-10 days I'll know the total death count. Given the number of cuttings, I won't have the ability to use heaters or dry them out nightly.

Once again, thanks for the info. If I can find a photo host, I might take pics of some of the cuttings that look concerning. I guess I started them way too early and the container recommended by Plumeria Culture handbook wasn't the best solution.

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Madchemis(z9 CA)


How did your water rooting goes. Can you give us a follow-up?

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silver77(Huntington Bch)

I put them in cactus mix. In the spring they leafed out and grew alot. One bloomed even. They did great. Now I have too many. I rooted:
1. 5 celadines (I started 5 cuttings because I thought only one would survive)(These are the ones I started water rooting)
2. 1 orange (soil rooted) and
3. 1 red (Scott Pratt)(soil rooted)

In general, I will say water rooting took longer. The celadines sat in water forever doing almost nothing from August till February. They grew only after I gave up on them and put them in dirt.

Perhaps I chose the wrong time of the year to water root them. I might try water rooting in the future, but I would try it in the spring. But the soil rooting did not take very long, so maybe water rooting doesnt give an advantage.

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Madchemis(z9 CA)

Thanks Kiskaee,

Have you try water rooting on a fresh cutted end. It's interesting that on a very dried-up cutting without much latex flow seem to be promising this way. I will provide a follow-up later when I actually see root buds.


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