Mini Rose tree losing major amounts of leaves

lahargues(7/8)July 15, 2007

I have a mini Tyler Rose bush tree that is planted in my flower bed. I have had it planted there for 3 years. I noticed the other day that it had lost a major amount of leaves. I now have a huge hole where all the leaves have dropped off. I does have new growth coming out at the top, and it is blooming. The leaves are turning yellow and dropping. What can I do to save it?

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Are you dry or wet right now? Some areas of TX are having lots of rain, some aren't. If you're in a dry area, you could be looking at spider mite activity or heat stress. Both will cause leaf-drop. Water is the answer to both. Water wand, set to 'jet', spraying bottoms of leaves will dislodge the spider mites. Do this 3x a week until problem is no longer evident.

For dry conditions, increase your irrigation time and spray the bush with water every morning to increase humidity.

There could be other problems but these would be the two I'd check first.

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