Eggs for growing

spiroanDecember 12, 2013

Hi everyone,

Just sitting here with the winter plumeria blues, and a question popped in my head. I'm sure this has probably been explored before, but with all the success rooting cuttings with the egg method, I wonder if my plants will wake up from dormancy and throw inflos quicker in the spring with a raw egg under them. Given that I plunge the pots into the soil, I could probably just put an egg near one of the drain holes of the pots when I put them in the ground. Thoughts? Is this a decent idea, or have I just had the blues too long?

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fancyorchid(9a S.F. Bay Area)

Hi spiroan... would you put them(eggs) outside the pots ?? I don't know if They would work, I have my Plumies in containers, hopefully Bill or Michael will let you know if it'll work or not!!!

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Yes, I was thinking about putting them outside the pots, just near the drain holes or maybe under the pot a little ways. I don't know whether it would be worth the trouble or not. Either way, something to think about while my plants are sitting around dropping leaves in my garage.

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fancyorchid(9a S.F. Bay Area)

I suppose you have nothing to lose, except a few "cheap" eggs....Good Luck.....let me know if IT Worked!!!!

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I have done eggs for 3 years the pots to root quicker and better. In the ground for transplanting, never outside of the pot. I thought the whole thing was about the egg being several inches from the end of the cutting? roxanne

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