what is this?

PepperGuy222(5)September 2, 2012

I thought I had Jalepenos but Im not sure anymore. My Jalepenos are smooth and have no indents, what do you guys think?

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Are those yellow pods in the background? Could we get a pic of one of those. Does not look like Jalapeno's


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Judging this specific pod, it seems to have similarities to a cubanelle pepper. May be wrong though.

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the peppers in the back are Hot Hungarian Wax Peppers, but i was thinking cubanelle as well, but i never planted cubanelle. I planted Jalapeno, thin Cayenne and Hot Hungarian Wax. My Jalapenos are CLEARLY jalapenos, ive grown them for years, but this is just confusing me. lol.

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I am not sure then haha. Possible mutation? Good luck!

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