Last night - of course, chile related

kuvaszlvrSeptember 20, 2013

Last night (well, very early this morning) got back from a meeting in Houston- blech, first plane - Houston to Dallas was 30 minutes late cos of weather, we worried we might not make our Dallas to Tulsa flight. No problem, it was soon reported to be delayed 20 minutes, perfect. Flight waa supposed to leave at 8:20 finally got off the ground at 12:30am.

But, the reason I write, when we got to Hobby we decided to eat and I saw a marquee at Pappas Burgers, "Hatch Chile Burger". Could not resist, although I didn't get that one, cos it came with a fried egg on top. blech. So I got their regular Pappa cheeseburger with chopped Hatch Chiles. WONDERFUL! The thing had a ton of finally chopped chiles on top of the cheese. I would have preferred they had used some hotter chiles, but it left a subtle burn. So, if you are ever passing through Hobby this time of year, go out of your way to find Pappas Burgers and get a burger with hatch Chiles.

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Pam - One of my managers is based in the Houston area and fly's out of Hobby monthly and eats at Pappas Burgers off and on. I'll have to ask if he's had the 'Hatch Chile Burger' and if not I'll tell him to give it a try.


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Definitely! My only complaint was that they weren't hot enough, but they tasted wonderful, and they put about 1/4 cup chopped peppers on the burger... yum...

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