Help...what is this?

JPaoloDecember 8, 2013

I bought 3 dormant plumeria in Hawaii in April, brought them home to Oregon and put them in my greenhouse. All 3 thrived and flowered - I was thrilled! It started getting cold and although my greenhouse is heated, when the temp dropped into the twenties, I brought them inside. 2 of the plumeria are dropping their leaves and going back into dormancy. This one is doing the same, but also suffered from black tip (which I cut off) and this spot on its trunk. It's hard, dry, slowly spreading, and notice the cracks in the trunk around it. It doesn't smell and I can't identify on any sites. Can anyone educate this amateur on what this is?

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Looks like frost damage? When I get that, I prune back until I see white milk flow. LB

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Would frost damage continue to spread even after I brought it in the house? When I trimmed the black tip off the flower stem at the top I got the white does it mean it's ok?

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Pin pick the question area and see if you get white sap. If not you will need to cut below the area to save the plant. Cut back to white wood and clean your cutter each time with wood alcohol after each cut to prevent spreading rot.

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Thank you. I poked the area in question and got no milk so I cut below it where the bark appears to be normal in color. I got lots of milk and nothing but white wood so I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for a successful recovery. :)

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi.. Sounds like you did the right thing!!!

Don't forget to seal the top so it isn't exposed to moisture and or insects which can cause rot or other issues.

Some use the Dap Sealant from Lowes or any big box store and some ( myself included) like to use a waterproof wood glue which you can find at Lowes. Elmer's carries a waterproof wood glue sold In The paint aisle. I would seal sooner than later. Usually I allow a few hours after I cut and the latex seals itself. It still needs additional help to prevent rot. Make sure you seal the entire cut surface...

Then this spring, you will notice new branching.

Good luck!!!


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