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jcav8terSeptember 15, 2012

I made some flakes using just a dehydrator out of my first batch of peppers but after reading all the posts about smoking them I thought I'd give it a try. Here's the second batch of peppers this season off my scorpion, chocolate hab, and fatalli. The fatalli is definite the slowest to produce, there's is a ton of green ones on the plant though.

I'll be doing this on my green egg using hickory chips. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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Hello John,

What size is your BGE and do you have a plate setter?

You'll need to keep the temp as low as you can and best to smoke indirect (ie. plate setter if you have one). Clean out the ash and unburnt lump. Use 4 or 5 medium to large size lump and get them going. When they're started put a couple of hickory chunks on the hot coals. If you have a plate setter you could sit a bowl of ice cubes under your rack. You're aiming to smoke at a low temp and not slow smoke "roast" your pods. I'd suggest 45 min. to an hour and then test to see if you're happy with the level of smoke.


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Tip 1 if you plan on using them burners there for your smoke ....be sure to remove batteries from the smoke alarms they can distract you ....LOL jk :)

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Sorry John, I just realized you mentioned hickory "chips". If using chips, I'd put them in a DIY foil pouch with fork holes punched in the top and lay the pouch across the lit lump.

Let us know how you make out.


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Through the first phase. To answer some questions, I was doing this on a medium egg with a plate setter. I also have a Promo XL which would be a better smoker but I started with this. The medium egg is perfect for cooking for the 2 or 3 of us. For a big group, the Primo rules.

So, started this with the Fatalli and Chocolate Habs, not all would fit on the grill. Shot for a temp of 200�. Did them for an hour and they looked great. Put the scorpions on next. Had a harder time keeping the temp around 200�. Pulled them off early due to the high temps. All are in the dehydrator now and I can still smell the smoke.

Truly an experiment, thanks for the input guys.


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I never used the egg thingy.
They don't hold enough for the anounts I smoke at a time.
I like smoking a lot of product and vac pack and freeze it.According to what is on sale at the time.
Usually 30lbs. to 90lbs at a time,depending on what it is.

If space is limited, for whole peppers, I'd put the peppers strung out on thread or thin wire hanging from the highest point in your smoker.
Put a slice in the peppers to let the moisture out.

You can hang a lot more pods than you can stack on a grill.
I use a verticle smoker for my smoke drying.
The one I have I can put grills inches apart and get a lot of pods going at a time.
As pods dry I add more,in the end,several pounds of pods dry in a reasonable amount of time.
I take off the dry ones as they finish and add more to take their place.

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Smoke.....30 to 90lbs of pods?! That's insane. Are you supplying a small country with pods?


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