joe_n_sc(7)August 5, 2006

My mini's are turning yellow. I have them in hanging buckets on the railings of my front porch. They get direct sun most if not all of the day. I have 3 that are doing fine and three that are turning yellow. I haven't fertilized them since I planted them in the pots. Please help. Thanks for all advice. JOel

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diane_nj 6b/7a

What is turning yellow, the blooms or the leaves? If it is the leaves, then check the soil, they are either being under watered or over watered. They may also be root bound (meaning that the roots have filled the put) and they want to be transplanted into a larger container.

If you are talking about the blooms, do you know the name of the varieites? Where did you purchase these plants? How long have you had them? Some roses change colors, especially in the heat.

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