Drying Orange Thai's?

lisazone6_ma(z6 MA)September 23, 2009

I'm growing Orange Thai hot peppers for the first time this year. They're finally starting to turn orange and I picked a few to try - I bit the tip off of one, crunched it up and...nothing! So I took another bite, this one containing some of the seeds, and wow!!! What a blast of heat!! Anyway, these are tiny things - a few are a bit longer but most of them are less than an inch long and about half the thickness of a pencil, if they're even that big around. They're much tinier than what I'm used to as far as hot peppers go, and I have no idea whether they'll dry. I was assuming they'd dry right on the plant the same way some Thai red hot peppers I grew a few years ago did.

So do I just leave them on the plant hoping they'll dry, or do I pick them and let them dry? I don't have any kind of dehydrator or anything like that - the best I could do is use my oven or spread them out in the sun. I suppose I could pickle them as well, but I'd prefer to just use them dry and that way I can grind some as I like to make up mixes of different types of hot pepper.



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jessicavanderhoff(7 Md)

I grew Bolivian rainbow, which are also teeny. I cut them open and dried them at room temperature. I'm not sure about drying them whole at room temp-- oven on the lowest setting might be a better bet, to reduce the risk that they'll mold.I haven't tried it with peppers, but it worked with fruit. (It took hours and hours though).

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With thin skinned peppers like the Thai, Once they are ripe, you can pick them and string them into a rista,They will dry and the seed will be viable.


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spiced_ham(z5 OH)

for one time fairly small batches...If you have a gas stove, the pilot light usually raises the temp in the oven a bit and you can dry them in there. With an electric stove you could set on its lowest to speed things up but check to make sure its not too hot.

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