All canes on one plant died

nelliepoohAugust 7, 2011

Hi I purchased a few mini roses a few weeks back and they proved too tempting for my cat who knocked them over twice before I had a chance to repot them. I have since repotted them and some plants had a lot of leaves turn yellow and fall off, some plants had all of the canes die back. I remove the dead leaves and canes as I see them but now I have one plant that I had to cutt off all of the canes. Will it survive and grow new canes or should I remove that plant? There are 4 indivigual rose pants that came potted together and my other plants are showing good growth now. I don't plan on doing much more pruning at this point as it really needs to recover. I am growing the roses indoors in my east facing window and have a supplimental grow light that I have directed at the base of the plant on the side opposite of the window. Thanks for any and all advice!

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Is there any way for you to keep the plant outside?

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No I live in an apartment. I can tell you that they definately get enough light and I spray them for moisture. They have bloomed a little since repotting but not another flush yet. How long is it normally between flushes?

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Mine took about 3 weeks to re-flush. I keep them outdoors though. Inside even with adequate light, the blooms and leaves start wilting.

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seil zone 6b MI

Every rose has it's own bloom cycle length so there's no way to say for sure. It can range anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks usually. But being indoors it will be iffy to keep them alive at all. Even with a grow light and misting they won't get enough light and humidity probably. If possible I'd move them to a south side window where they should get stronger light and place them on a tray of gravel with water in it but NOT touching the bottoms of the pots to raise the humidity around them. When you split those plants up you may have injured the root systems and that would be the cause of the yellow leaf drop and death of the one plant. They will need time to rebuild their root systems before you can expect them to bloom again. Make sure the pots have very good drainage and feed them a diluted (like 1/2 strength) fertilizer at least once a month too.

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Thanks for the advice, the remaining plants are surviving and growing, I am misting them for humidity and I mixed in perlite into the miracle grow soil for drainage. I am hoping new canes will grow from the bare bud unions but if they don't will it hurt the other plants to leave them as is?

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seil zone 6b MI

No it will not hurt them. They should leaf out again once they have sufficient root balls to begin new growth. As long as the canes are still green, leave them. They have stored energy the plant will need to produce new leaves.

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See the problem is all of the canes turned brown and died so I cut them away. Will any new growth happen?

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seil zone 6b MI

Well, now, that's hard to say. If they all died back and you cut them off the entire plant may have died. But it's a mini and they are mostly own root plants so it IS possible it could send up new canes from the roots. But if it hasn't done so in a short time I'd assume it's dead. You could very carefully remove some of the soil and see what the root ball looks like. If there are still some very fine white feeder roots there's some hope. If all of the roots look dry and brown I'd say it's a goner, sorry.

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