OT Hope all of our California friends are doing well...

Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, VirginiaDecember 4, 2011

I was just thinking about all of my California friends..

Hoping that noone had any damage from the strong winds..

I saw on the news of all of the destruction from the winds and all of the damage..

Hope all is well with everyone!!

Take care you guys and gals!!!


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tdogdad(Zone 9)

Almost no wind at my house while 50 miles north was getting blasted. The problem is the Santa Ana winds bring cold nights which has all but shut down many of my flowering plants. Psycho and Kimi Moragne are still going strong but the others are dropping buds left and right. I guess winter is arriving. Thanks, Laura for your concern. Bill

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Pretty strong winds in Rancho Santa Margarita.... no fun to hear how strong it was, but thankfully no damage here, lots of fallen branches all over, but nothing major in our area... Thanks Laura :)


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isobea(10, San Diego)

Hi Laura, almost no wind when it was supposed to have been really strong. Now, though, it is very dry and the wind is cold. Cold nights, too (41F), but beautiful sunny, crystal clear days. Only two plants that are still opening new flowers: Sparkle (still very fragrant) and Calif. Sunset (flowers a lot larger than they were in the summer). Leaves dropping like crazy - so sad. Can't wait for spring!
Thanks for thinking about us, Laura!
Take care everyone and stay warm,

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sunseeker53(10a CA USA)

Hi Laura! The wind was very strong here where I am, but luckily no damages. I'm surprised my palm trees didn't get any broken fronds (there are 10 large palms on my property). I have been way too busy and have not been able to care for my plumerias as much as I should, but at least I have moved about 2/3 of them under my 2 patio covers. My "greenhouse project" has not progressed much so the plants are still not heated at night. It is around 42-45 degrees here at night. I see leaves dropping and flowers not opening as much even though the inflos are still intact.
Thanks for thinking of us!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Everyone,

Hey Bill,

Glad to hear that all is well in Costa!!

You all are so lucky to have missed those nasty winds..50 miles isnt that far!!!

Lets see some pics of Psycho and Kimi...Those beauties will make the Winter a little easier to deal with!!!

All of the inflos that i had are dropping buds everywhere.

Hi CHuy,

Glad to hear you all are doing alright too! That was a mess out there...so glad no damage!

Hi Iso,

Glad to see you are doing well!!

I know how sad it is to see all of the leaves falling ...glad to know that you still have some blooms!

The trees that i left with leaves and are inside in the living room and then some upstais under lights are doing well. The others in the backroom are finally settling down and resting...

I cant wait for spring!!!

Hey Sun!!

Do you live north of Bill? I hope you have some help with your trees... Im having issues with my greenhouse too!
Hopefully while i have some time off this winter, i can get it straightened out... it is very frustrating!!!

I was thinking of you all and seeing all of the damage made me want to check on you guys!!!

Glad to see everyone is doing well!! : )

Take care,


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sunseeker53(10a CA USA)

Hi Laura!
I am a little bit south of where Bill is. I was crazy busy and did not learn until after dinner that tonight, for the 1st time this season, the temp will drop to 31 degrees here (from the 40's last night!!) and this is going to be the coldest night of the next 10 days! This is strange, because during the day it has still been warm and sunny! Hubby and I only had time to mount several strings of icicle lights under the patio covers hoping to keep the plants from freezing. And not all of the plants are under the covers. I feel so bad that this year I got so tied up with work that I've had no time to prepare for the cold season properly (having so many plants also didn't help - I think over 100). Definitely this weekend my hubby and I are going to enclose the patio covers and finish our "greenhouse project".
Well, I'm going to bed hoping that the poor plumies will survive tonight :-(

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isobea(10, San Diego)

Hi Sun, I'm in a real hurry (going to Germany on Sunday for my mom's 90th B-day), but could you post some pictures when your patio enclosue is finished? I have a small patio (for my orchids) that I could enclose also. I had the plumies in my aviary last winter, but I think there was not enough air movement and the spider mites took over. Take care and stay warm everyone,

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