Transplanting from pot to ground..questions

oakleyokAugust 24, 2009

I'm a novice at Miniature Roses. I bought one at the grocery store last spring and set it on the porch where it gets a lot of sun, but not all day sun. The plant's doing pretty good, and has grown quite a bit. Beginner's luck I guess. :) I do give it Rose food every few weeks.

Someone told me I need to go ahead and put it in the ground now, so it will come back next Spring.

It's pretty hot here, in the 90s and I'm sure it will get back to a 100 before the summer is over.

Is now a good time to transplant it? The only areas I have to put the Rose in, they all get full sunlight, from dawn to dusk. Is that too much sun?

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rosesnpots(z8 Tidewater area VA)

Hi there

I would recommed reading the thread named Saving a Potted Gift Rose as that is the type of mini that one buys at grocery stores. (there are usually 3 plants in a pot) It is not nessessary to plant them in the ground as you can keep them in pots but you need to plant it into a 14" or large pot if you have not already done so. Whether you plant the roses in the ground or repot them into bigger pots they may need winter protection. I do not live in your area so I would not be comfortable to give you advise. Do a search on the regular rose forun on winter protecton and you will find the advise you need.

Remember, and rose is a rose whether it is a mini or a regular size rose. Roses like sun so where you want to plant them sould be ok. But as I said, you can always just repot into a bigger pot so you can keep it on your porch

Good luck, it sounds like you have been doing a good job so far.

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I can't keep it on the porch during winter because of freezes. It gets pretty cold here.

I read the topic about the Mini's but I don't remember seeing anything about when to put it in the ground before winter comes.

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