Mini rose loosing leaves

jansy1985(5a)August 14, 2013

Hi Everyone
I saw a small pot of miniroses at my grocery store couple weeks ago with blooms and plenty of buds - I just couldn't resist! Problem is that I'm new to plants and now am learning roses are very tough to care for indoors.
I moved the plant to a pot 1 inch larger than original using cactus mix as filler. The plant is in my kitchen where humidity is high, there's plenty of indoor lighting and its quite warm. Only in a couple of days, I noticed bottom leaves turning yellow and falling off. The new buds are not opening either and are starting to dry out. I thought maybe bottom leaves were not getting enough light so I used a small table lamp but no change. I checked for thrips etc critters but don't see anything.

I'd really appreciate any ideas in maintaining this beautiful plant.

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Another picture- top view

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seil zone 6b MI

Roses hate to be inside. Even if you think your kitchen is humid I can assure you it's not humid enough for the rose, nor would you want it to be. Also, all the lamps in the world can not replace natural sunlight. The best thing you can do is put it outside. I don't know about that cactus mix either. Any good quality potting soil would be better for it.

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Unfortunately it's already fall weather here in Toronto with temperatures close to 10-15 C (50-60 F). Winds are quite strong too. I'm afraid putting it outside might just kill it even faster. I suppose these are a lost cause? :(

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seil zone 6b MI

No, they're not a lost cause at all. Can you plant them outside in the ground somewhere? As the weather changes they will go dormant for the winter and should come back even better next spring. Plant them deep, the crown should be about 2 inches below ground, and pile them with leaves or mulch once they become dormant. Minis are usually own root and are pretty tough little cookies. Even if they die back completely to the ground over winter they should come back from the roots in the spring. There are a lot of roses that will survive zone 5 winters with no problems and minis are some of the toughest!

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Thanks, Seil! I'll try that.

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