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Desertgarden- NW Las Vegas Z9a @ 2300 fApril 19, 2014

I will try to get out and snap shots of one of my planter bedsand post it today.

If you have images, would you mind sharing?


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Desertgarden- NW Las Vegas Z9a @ 2300 f

With the exception of trees, most of what is in my yard is less than three years old. This raised planter in the backyard. added to the pool ten years ago, has been difficult to work with, as it was full of sand and very little organic material. The back wall is primarily comprised of climbing roses with day lilies, fern leaf lavender, siberian iris and lantana in the front. I hope to add a few geranium and lilies, to this raised planter. Cl. Westerland is the teeny weenie plant and ill be glad when it takes off. My garden continues to be a work in progressâ¦.


I attempted to take an image with my iPhone's panoramic feature but it really looks kind of wonky.

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Dinglehopp3r z7A. EastTN

Here is a shot of my brand new garden in front of my house. It is less than one month old here, I will try to post more photos as it becomes established. I'd love to see anyone else's beds or boarders!

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

Took a few pics this morning before the rains came. Garden is loving the rains--which may stick around all week. (Oh-oh--blackspot coming?)

Here's the tail-end of the large central bed--the part I see when I come out of the back door of the house.

Viewing the wider central portion of the bed, from one side of the solar birdbath.

Viewing the wider central portion, from the other side of the solar birdbath.

Rear view of the center bed.

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

I meant to add this non-rose new bed, which my son is enjoying.

Star Wars corner: hostas Captain Kirk (left), Vulcan (right), and Dark Star (center back--title of scifi movie).

Too shady there for roses to grow.


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dublinbay z6 (KS)

Hmm--I keep hitting that SUBMIT button before I mean to. Here's the last (I think) pic I meant to post.

Rose border meant to cover (or at least distract from) my neighbor's ugly garage--after the hard winter, nearly all the roses except the hybrid perpetuals (lighter pink) had to be pruned back to the ground. They are growing and blooming again, however:

In addition to the lighter pink hybrid perpetual Mrs. Laing, that border features the hot pink hybrid tea Peter Mayle and the creamy hybrid tea Elina, with blue pansies at their feet.


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Dinglehopp - Your border looks great, it is getting a good start. Kate - Yours all looks so inviting, I love it! The blue pansies and other blue flowers and what looks like bluish clematis make such a pretty accent.

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Is the birdbath a violet color?
Is it available online?

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jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

Great pics everyone!

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

mauvegirl, no, the birdbath is not a violet color--that is my camera playing tricks. On the other hand, it is a somewhat strange color and I have no idea what name to call it--maybe kind of muted reddish rusty color?

Yes, I got it online--but let me warn you that it is not exactly cheap. It is solar-powered--costs extra. I gave you a link below, but you might try googling for other sources--that one is quite a bit more expensive than the one I bought a couple years ago. Either the prices have really shot up, or this source is over-charging!

Sara, glad you noticed the blue accents--I love to insert them wherever I can. The blue flowers next to the fountain are lobelia. And yes, there are purple clematis all over the garden (no actual blue there). I have a big clump of blue delphiniums just opening now, and in June parts of my gardens will be wonderfully overrun with bluish-purple larkspur. Later in the summer, there will be a fair amount of bluish salvia (annual and perennial).


Here is a link that might be useful: solar bird bath fountain

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