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pcputDecember 9, 2011

Hi all, I'm just trying to catch up on all the posts. You have sure been an active group. Love all the great pics that were added. I went to FL to be with family for Thanksgiving and ended up in the hospital there. I went in for chest pains that I thought was a muscle strain but turned out to be pneumonia. While running test they also found 2 blood clots in my lung and another in my leg. Who would think pneumonia could save your life. I spent 4 days in the hospital and they didn't like it that I had to make the long car ride home. We took 2 days to do the 14 1/2 hour drive but made it home ok. I've had lots of Dr. appointments and lots more to come. The trip wasn't all bad as I did manage to pick up 1 - 3ft. rooted noid and 7 cuttings. One of the cuttings had an inflo which I cut off and put into water and it kept blooming. It also has a 2 1/2" seed pod on it. My first seed pod and I had to buy it. I will be surprised if it matures being removed from the cutting and sitting in water. It has more than doubled in size since I cut it off. I guess I've started a new experiment. Hope all are getting through the winter blues. Some of us are having more winter than others. For those of you still having blooms PLEASE keep posting pics. It helps the rest of us get though the winter. Peg

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Peg.... glad to hear you made it back home safe. Hope you recover fully and sounds like you made out with the plumies :0). get better and best of luck to your new experiment


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tdogdad(Zone 9)

Peg- sorry to hear of your health issues. Hope you are on your way to full recovery and a happy, healthy spring. I think the best cure is to surround yourself with a multitude of tropical blossoms of various sizes, shapes and colors to put your mind at peace. It can be costly but as part of your therapy, it is a necessity.

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Jeez, Bill, that's stunning.

Hi Peg, hope you feel better quickly-- glad you made it home intact and were able to bring some lovelies with you.

I wish I had some variety of blooms to choose from. Gimme a year-- the signs are good. Meanwhile, here's a 12/10/11 shot of my one blooming tree.

I can hear the yawns already! LOL But you asked for them, Peg, so here you go! Feel better.


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Peg,

You know i have been keeping my eye on your progress, and im so glad you are home and feeling better!!!

So glad you went to the hostipal for the cold, that probably saved your life...

My fellow Virginians have been keeping me busy!!!

Please feel better and we can get together next week for lunch!!! : )


What a gorgeous pic for Peg!!!

I noticed Victoria Princess right away! Love that color break!!!

All of the blooms are beautiful...

I especially like the one right in the middle. Gorgeous!!!


Im not yawning!!

There is always a smile on my face when i see any bloom on a Plumeria!!!

I might be yawning for other reasons!!! LOL..Because of no blooms here, that is...

Peg will love the pics.. That was very nice of you all to post those beautiful inflos!!!

I guess i will go and look at my trees again and wish for spring!!!

I will add some ET Lemon to the colors of this thread!!!

Hope all is well..

Take care,


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Thanks for all the good wishes.

Chuy - Here's the seed pod on the cut off inflo. It has gone from 1" when I cut it off to 3" now.

Bill - Thanks for picking up my spirits. Your blooms are beautiful as always. Love the drift wood vase. I've got to make me one of those !!! I had one of the buds on the inflo open on the way home. If it was my time to go I was at least going happy looking at my little bloom.

Greg - Your pic is great. I had my first inflo this summer. It was a celadine and of course the smell is awesome. The mother tree is where we were in FL and my 5 year old Grand Daughter, who was with us, brought flowers up to the hospital for me to enjoy. It made spending Thanksgiving in the hospital more bearable.

Laura - Thanks for your addiction of ET Lemon. It is so great seeing blooms in the gloom of winter. I look through my pics often and dream of spring.


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Peg, so glad to see you up and posting again! I hope everything is going well with your follow-ups. We'll keep you in our thoughts!

Here are a few pics to brighten up your day:
NOID red seedling


A whole tableful of blooms

Giant Aussie Orange

Mrs. Jimmy Spangler hibiscus

Pride of Barbados in the heat of summer

Hope this perks up anyone starting to get the winter blahs!

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