I got my Raspberry Sundae cutting!

andrew78(6)December 6, 2012

I was very fortunate to have found someone on Face Book who was willing to sell me a very nice healthy 3 tip Raspberry Sundae and it was only $50!! To make it even better, I also got a FREE cutting of a gorgeous rare variety called 'Pink Lemon Swirl'. I don't have a picture of it but anyone who's a member of the Plumeria Sales group on Facebook can find it there. Hetty Ford had a picture of her's up.

I cannot wait for this coming summer. I hopefully will be back to my normal self. Surgery had to be rescheduled to address some concerns. This will be a major surgery and even though there are some very real concerns, I am staying positive.

Thank you to all my friends here who have been asking about me and my back. I really appreciate it. Your all a great group of people!


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Andrew, I am so happy for you! I really wanted that plant and was lucky enought to find one, Now I just need to keep it alive thru the winter. I cannot believe you are still buying plants in December. Good luck Andrew, I hope everything goes well for you. Barbra

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Andrew, I'm still holding a Rainbow 36 cutting for you for next year if you feel better and still want it!


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tdogdad(Zone 9)

Andrew- It is always good to have a long range goal to get you through a major surgery. Tell the doc, "do good work because I have a raspberry sundae to plant." My thoughts will be with you. I have been in and out of the hospital too much this year and am hoping for a healthy 2013 too.

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Hi Honeybunny,
Great to hear from you. I was thinking of you when this was offered to me. I couldn't refuse, especially with receiving this free Pink Lemon Swirl cutting!!! I know what your saying about getting plumeria in December but in my experience oover the past few years, I have seen how cuttings are very hardy. I had 2 huge Nebel's Rainbow cuttings sent to me around this time 2 years ago and they survived and rooted for me. If it wasn't for my 600 watt HPS light, I probobly wouldn't have had it sent to me now. I would have had thm sent directly to Florida Colors, and had them grafted.

Hey Simi,
Thank you so much for holding a Rainbow 36 for me!!! I fell for that when I saw pics of it the first time around! I should send you a list of varieties that I have multiples of and maybe you will find a variety there that you really would like?

Hi Bill,
Means a lot to see that you replied. Great minds think alike! I have had plumeria seeds and cuttings sent to me just for this reason. I fully believe in positivity and it's direct impact on good results.

I hope that both of us have a much better 2013 than 2012. Your health issues were much more serious and I am just glad to see that you are feeling better.

Take care you guys and I wish you all a safe and Happy Holiday!


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Andrew, how exciting! She really is a gorgeous flower in person. Not quite sure why I don't have her...hm.

Anyway, I hope your surgery gives you the results you're looking for. This has been a tough year for a lot of people I know, health-wise, and I'll be glad when it's over. May 2013 be better for everyone!

Barbra, I'll be emailing you soon.

Bill, always good to see you here. Hope you're out there teaching those waves a lesson!

George, you're a sweetheart! Hope you have an amazing bloom season next year so we can all drool over your photos.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Guys!!!


You know i will be sending prayers your way to you and J. I have a good feeling that you will be back on your feet soon and feeling a whole lot better... I am so glad you received you RS cutting.. BRAT!!! LMAO!!! Im jealous!!! ;-)

I agree with you JEN!! I certainly hope 2013 is better for everyone. Im ready to see a change!!! I hope you and your family are doing well? How has your weather been for you guys? We are having strange highs and lows again so it really doesn't to know what it wants to do... A few days ago, we hit 71* Unbelievable for DEC.

Bill... Thinking of you too! I certainly know that you are showing those guys how to ride those long boards. How to hang "Five" on the nose.. great pic!!! I hope you are feeling better and im sending positive thoughts your way as well!!!

Hi Simi!! You have amazed me with your growing ability this year. Simply amazing... I just love all of your trees and love the dirty car!! LOL.. Have you washed it yet? Still time to get more? LOL.. Thanks again for your support.. it means alot!!

take care,


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Andrew, I think you'll really love Rainbow 36 - beautiful flower and incredible scent. I'm sure you have varieties that would make me drool, if you'd like to trade. But I definitely have to get the 36 into your yard!

Jandey, thanks so much. I have one plumie still blooming big time - it's a Hilo Beauty I brought into the sunroom last month. Two big inflos blooming like crazy. I may actually have red plumies for Christmas next to the red poinsettias!

Laura, thank you so much. I'm washing the car next week - after I deliver Allison (toomanydogs) her plumerias. Six more are going in there, then my car is LONG OVERDUE for a wash. I'll document it. But it has served me well this year, so I may get an extra pine freshner for it, LOL. Too bad they don't make a Rainbow 36 one! Or buttered popcorn - don't get me started!

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Thank you so much for doing this for me, I really appreciate it. I was kind of bummed that I couldn't do the Secret Santa on the F.B. Plumeria page. I feel like I was still able to do it, receiving this variety from you! I coul ship you a JJ Orange if you don't have that variety. It's also known as California Sunset 2. Compact variety that produces huge inflos that are orange, pinkish orange, and yellow. I have not seen it bloom myself yet but I am hopeful now.


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Andrew about when will you have your surgery? I hope you have it this winter, so you can enjoy your plumeria in the spring, and summer. Barbra

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Andrew, when I spoke with German, he was going to sell me a cutting of raspberry sundae, he told me that it was one of the easiest plumeria to root. By, the way you got a great price for the one you got. I hope you get your surgery over soon, so you will be able to enjoy the summer with your plumeria. I am waiting for Florida Colors to put their plants on sale so I can order for next spring. Carol lets me do the lay-a-way plan. Barbra

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Barbra, thanks for the inflo. I appreciate it. I have my R.S. in vermiculite on the top shelf of my table. The 600 watt HPS is right on it. This should speed things up, I hope! I was very fortunate to get the deal I did on my R.S. not to mention the free Pink Lemon Swirl plumeria cutting. It is a very new variety, and as far as I know only a handful of people have it.

As far as my surgery goes, I was told it will take 3 months for the fusion to take place. I called my doc today to see if they had any idea when my surgery would be, and she told me no. I cannot believe it! They have the authorization all ready, I don't understand the hold up. It really is discouraging but I wont let it get me down. Not with the holidays coming so soon!


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Andrew, that is where I am . I have 3 months of therpy before I will be able to move my left arm. I thought it would be like my knee replacement or hip surgery, but this is so much harder. I just wasn't prepared. Whatever you do, just think positive, and know everyday after surgery is one day closer to when you can work in your garden. February 6th is my magic date. I will be thinking of you, please let me know when you have surgery. I will be praying for you. Barbra

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WOW ! Andrew what a great find.
You'll get it rooted.
Hope you get the word on your surgery soon as I'm sure you want to get it over with. I'll keep you in my prayers too.

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Hi Peg,
Thank you. I am sure that you can appreciate the level of excitement I had when I realized I was going to get my Raspberry Sundae but I have to say, I am EQUALLY as thrilled about getting the Pink Lemon Swirl!! This to my knowledge is even more rare than my Raspberry Sundae!

I am honestly thinking that if either cutting takes more than 2 months to root(there both under my 600 watt HPS light which I try to keep on for at least 12-14 hours a day), I will send them to Luc for grafting.

Surgery is scheduled for 1-24-12 at 1:30pm. I have to be at the hospital by 11:30am. I have that I cannot eat or drink after midnight and then because of the anesthetic I have to be on a clear liquid diet until the next morning. That is so hard. I remember the last time I drank tons of chicken broth, and I ate a bunch of Italian Ice and sherbet.

Oh the joys of being in the hospital! LOL!

Take care Peg and Happy Holidays!


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Andrew, thats perfect, you will probably have both your cuttings almost rooted by then. April 24, 2013 is going to be your magic date. You will be able to work in your garden this spring and take care of your plants. That is something to look forward to. Barbra

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funinthesunincl(Z9 TX Gulf Coast)

Good Luck with everything Andrew; surgery, recoup, & plumie! I was lucky enough to purchase a BEAUTIFUL multiple tipped Raspberry Sundae this past summer at the PSA Sale here in Seabrook. It killed me to cut off all the luscious green leaves a week ago to put it away for the cold weather. I just can't wait until next year!!!!!!! But I guess we will have to.....
~Mary Jane

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