Help me Identify this hot pepper

UCFNurseSeptember 29, 2012

The guy at the farmers market said they are hotter than jalapenos but not as hot as habeneros. He just said they were "hot peppers." I don't even know how I'm supposed to know when its time to pick them. Am I supposed to pick them when they are green? Some of them are purple or half purple half green. I kind of think that guy didn't really know about them.

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Looks like a serrano to me.

Usually used green, but, if you let them go long enough they will ripen to red. When ripe, they are softer and I guess sweeter for lack of a better description. Less "green" tasting if that makes any sense.

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rick_in_va(7 VA)

Looks like serrano to me too. Heat range is between jalapeno and habanero, not quite as hot as thai. I like the red ones a lot better, same heat, more flavor.



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Like tsheets & rick_in_va, I think Serrano too.

The purple you're seeing is probably just some harmless sunburn. My preference is ripe red but it's just personal taste.


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