What's the strangest thing...

sunnibel7 Md 7(7)September 12, 2012

... You've ever put hot peppers on?

I just made a spicy peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Yes, I put hot sauce made with my Aji Pineapple peppers on a PB&J made with orange marmalade because I thought the orange would taste extra good with the fruitiness of the sauce, and well, Thai people make spicy peanut dishes all the time. It was really awesome! But I refuse to believe that I will ever be growing bhuts and eating them. :)

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Bhut sauce on sushi (in addition to wasabi) and just today 7 Pot sauce on a Jimmy John's BLT sandwich.

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Turkey sandwitch but the strangest thing I ever done is poke holes into a Kung Pao and drop it in hot tea let it steep for a min or two and pull it out, just the right amount of heat. Any longer it's just too much.

Wildest thing is eating a Bhut and 7 pot raw and the whole pod at one time INSANE heat! Once is good enough.

Love Bhut hot sauce make it every year.


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Geez Mark, you're an animal. I hope to someday aspire to your level of bravery (or stupidity). I made a turkey and swiss sandwich with orange habanero and red savina powder a few weeks ago. Is that strange? I don't think so for anyone on this forum. :)


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I shake my flakes (thai chillies & Choc Habs) while frying scrambled eggs. It's a good thing the warden never uses my cast pans. :)

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My dog used to love digging up and eating dried cat poo.

SO,I put some superhot powder where the wild cats always poo.

Solved 2 problems.

Heidi doesn't dig there anymore for her poo fix and I think the cats also stopped going there too.
Cats got their hemorrhoids cauterized.

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sunnibel7 Md 7(7)

Okay, okay, I spit my tea out on my ipad, thanks for that! I was thinking as food, but the cat poo one definitely made me laugh. Mark, I have to ask, why would you put hot pepper in tea? Were you thinking "gee my nose is stuffed up" or "you know, I just haven't had enough spiciness today..." ? All the other applications sound pretty good to me- peppers go excellent with eggs and bacon, and one of my favorite sushi rolls is spicy tuna. I just live at a much lower level of scoville excitement.

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agree with the tea. started with a red pepper oolong. I like that brief heat going down. I think its soothing for a sore throat. or numbing, i guess

now that I think about it, I wonder if a chile spiced hot chocolate would work??

the dog/cat thing is too funny. who needs bitter spray for your pet when you have nuclear peppers around?!

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Chocolate and cayenne / red pepper is a classic combination. Makes sense to me that a little spice in hot chocolate would be perfect...just got to find the right balance for the drinker. :-)

The strangest things I have ever used peppers in is cookies, peach pie, and cheesecake. Nothing too far out there. :-)

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A LOT of traditional recipes using peppers use Chocolate,Cinnamon and spices like Mace,allspice and clove.

I see a lot of the current cooking show "IN" recipes are going with fruit blends these days.
A lot of desert type sauces for cakes and ice cream.

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sunnibel7 Md 7(7)

Well, if it is "in" then I want credit as the inventor of the spicy PBJ! ;)

It occurs to me that I probably phrased my question wrong for this crowd anyway. I should have asked what is the thing that you've put hot peppers on that OTHER people woud consider the strangest. Also it's probably regional... Where I am living now jalapenos are considered pretty darn exciting though locally they will eat muskrat and put Old Bay on everything. Go figure. Which leads me to the strangest thing I have yet eaten in this country: muskrat stewed in hot sauce. It was Cinco de Mayo,which isn't an excuse so much as an explanation...

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Take credit for whatever you want but Heidi gets credit for flaming hot dry cat turds...

20,000 rescue dogs can't all be wrong.
Her super hit web cast "La fleimin poop de jour" is her current fusion french style cooking show for dogs.

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Vanilla ice cream topped with fresh chopped peppers...the hotter the better. Absolutely delicious. Don't know if that's strange or not.


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I admit, vanilla ice cream with peppers sounds a little strange to me, but oddly intriguing. I think i want to try it, topped with some of the spices smoke master mentioned.

I wonder what ben & jerry's would call that.. or what they would call a spicy pb&j ice cream?!

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