Does My Seedling Have An Inflo?

elucas101(8)December 23, 2012

One of my seedlings was looking extra droopy in my little indoor jungle, so I pulled it out to take it to water and I noticed something on the top. This seedling germinated 4/2/12. It's impossible this is an inflo, yet it clearly looks like an inflo??? What are your thoughts???

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Congratulations Emily!!!

Looks like an early inflo to me!!!

Hopefully it will slow down so you can enjoy it more once the temps are a little warmer..

Good Luck!!


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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

That's very exciting.
Not to put a damper on anything but I see webbing and what appears to be spider mites on your plant.
Maybe you've already noticed it but just wanted to point it out in case you hadn't.


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Thanks Laura and Robert!!! I'm very excited about this since I know it's really early for a seedling that's so young...I hope it actually makes it to flower, and to have it branch naturally from that would be cool too.

Now, I'm glad you mentioned the spider mites because they appreared as soon as I dared to say I had no insect problems. The pesticide doesn't seem to kill them completely - do I need to go to detailed combat with rubbing alcohol or neem?! Or just spray more often?

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

I would use Neem or some other spray.
I've read air movement is very important so perhaps more fans?
I'm sure there are tons of more experienced growers than me who can weigh in but I did find some tips below on GW.
Good luck and congratulations again! :)


Here is a link that might be useful: Spider mites suggestions

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Spider mites are a wicked problem to deal with when you have to grow your trees indoors over the winter. The most I can do is to keep there numbers down, and that's it. I never seem to be able to knock them out completely. Merry Christmas, and congrats on your inflo! Very exciting to see these during the winter.


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Wow, Emily. That is like the holy grail of growing seelings right there. Amazing. Sure hope it makes it, we'll all be waiting for an update.

Merry Christmas,

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Emily, eight months to develop like that is incredible! Isn't IR the one that also made a lot of side branches for you, too?

IINM, that looks like a "nub", a false inflo, but it's definitely branching as you said. Maybe it will make some buds. Of all my "rainbows", Intense is my favorite. It's not a black-tipper and keeps its foliage pretty well--an easy plumie. Should make some good offspring!

Keep us posted!

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Hey everyone! Is it spring yet? LOL! OH DEAR GOD, THE SPIDER MITES. I don�t know how anyone does this indoors for extended periods of time. Robert thank you so much for the link, that�s so helpful! I don�t have a fan in the room, which might be something I need to get. Andrew, are you using Neem as well?
Thanks Wendy! This is one of the little buggers from my first batch when we started our seedlings together, I can�t believe it!
Thanks Jen! Although it�s my first experience with inflos on seedlings, it definitely crossed my mind that this could end up being a false inflo or in some way not developing to flower. I hope not but I know it�s a huge possibility - I�ll be anxiously waiting to see what happens! It was a very exciting day in the plumeria room since I discovered this and the seedpod on the Kaneohe Sunburst on the same day. Haha! And you are correct, it�s an Intense Rainbow seedling, and strangely enough I think the only one out of 4 of those that didn�t branch, I�ll have to check.

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

It sort of looks like a false inflo to me. Seedlings often do that. They'll not bloom, but branch at this point. Then when THOSE branches mature, they'll bloom. Hope I'm wrong and it's the real deal.

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Hi Dave! Yeah, I actually tend to think you are right, I figure the plant just could not have it in it to bloom yet - I didn't know about the false inflos until recently, very interesting. Have you had this happen too?

I am really interested in the natural branching since it's the only seedling doing it this way and because jandey and I suspect somet of my other seedlings branching may be due to sucking insects, we are not sure though. Sometimes they have branches that grew but then don't seem to grow well or look a little weaker than normal - it seems to be almost a deformation rather than a truly natural occurance, unless of course it is just the DNA of the plant. And there are some that really did naturally grow what appear to be "normal" branches and they are fine. I'm really excited to see what my plants do this spring and summer!

Thanks for the kind response Dave, I'll keep you all posted!

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

I've had the false inflo thing happen on numerous seedlings before. I think it's quite common on seedlings.

But I'm only going by limited experience. I'm not really all that into growing seedlings. Life's just too short! LOL!

And with our abbreviated growing season, and limited storage space, named varieties (proven winners) are the way to go, for me at least.

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I think another of my seedling is about to do this by the way the tip is looking. It's a Barbados Showgirl seedling. This one has 5 smaller branches aside from the main trunk, which is a lot of branching, but they are much smaller and skinnier than the main trunk so that's one I question if it's due to insects or genetics. They are healthy looking but still what I consider underdeveloped.

As the winter goes on, there are several plumie and adenium seedlings being lost because they just can't cut it and I'm fine with that, if they don't look like they're doing anything good I'm going to let them go. Like you said Dave, only room for the best!

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Hi everyone! Here with an update on the seedlings, etc.; it appears you wise growers were correct, it really does seem to be a false inflo, however it is branching nicely!

Due to my inexperience with them, the mites were able to get an upper hand with me for a while, and I think due to using a few methods that didn't work my seedlings were not in a strong position to fight much when the real stuff was applied, they look a little rough. I don't think they're dying but they look beat up. From a recommendation I used Spectracide Immunox product and it worked very well to kill the spider mites.

I have lost or gotten rid of many of my seedlings and I'm going to take inventory tomorrow I think to see what I have left - still quite a few and the best of what I grew. Some made it through my neglect and winter lighting / mite fest and some did not, which is to be expected.

My Adenium seedlings do not seem to be affected by the mites at all. Some have done beautifully under the lights, some not so much -I can't figure out why, it just is.

I cut off my seedpod because either the pesticides were killing it or the pod just wasn't good, but it was just not making it. When I examined the connection between pod and plant it was deteriorating also, the connecters were mostly rotten so I know it wouldn't have made it.
So, just holding out until spring, not much longer to go!

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E, sorry to hear it isn't going to bloom, but I think you have a real winner there--between the early "nubbing" and the multi branches, it seems to really want to perform, so I'm excited to see what the growth/blooming habit will be on that seedling!

Spring is right around the corner! Maybe we can meet up in Central Texas at the end of February? I know K and Barbra are ready for our next meeting.

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heres a pic of a false inflo from last fall, disappointing no blooms but good branching


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torqtjk, hey, I just now saw this post of yours, how awesome!!! Do you know the seedling variety? Do you have any updates?

This weekend I was out looking at my plants and I found another 1 yr old seedling with an inflo!!! This one is a Penang Peach seedling, same age as my other one that had the inflo. Although it is surely a false inflo I will keep an eye on it and see what happens!

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Whoa, forgot the picture! 1 yr old Penang Peach seedling inflo:

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Your Penang Peach seedling inflo is the real deal!!! Congratulations! Penang has produced some amazing new varieties. This is exciting! Keep us posted :)

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elucas, Its not a seedling, rooted cutting. It hasn't bloomed since I rooted it. This is a pic of the mother tree. Maybe Daisy Wilcox but not positive.

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Thanks Pharaoh - I think you are right!!! That didn't even dawn on me that it was possible until you said that and I went back and looked at the inflo on the previous one and how it never actually formed, this one is formed! My goodness I'm excited!!!

Here are pictures I took today - coming along! OMG I can't believe it!

torqtjk - very nice flowers! It will be nice to have another one of those around, beautiful!

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Today I found what appears to be a false inflo on a Kimi Moragne seedling.

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