alfafa tea

sorie6(6b ok.)April 29, 2010

Does anyone here use it Denver area? I've read several places that use it but never heard of it being used here. tia

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I thought about using it last year year but after reading the stories of it smelling like horrible vomit I passed on it.

Alfalfa is a good fertilizer. I used it by either just tossing it around or letting it sit for a few hours in water then used that water around different plants.

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sorie6(6b ok.)

Thanks. I was a little worried about the smell too.
So did you just buy the pellets and put them in water. If so how much of ea. Also could you see a difference in the way the plants did. Better than fertlizer or about the same? TIA.

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I really can't remember the percentages of pellets to water if I had to guess it was about 10% by volume.

Organic fertilizers won't give you that rush of growth that synthetics will. Overall though the areas I used it in did well.

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