Novice in Boston with Questions!!

split6kikDecember 12, 2011

Hi everyone,

So, my roommates know my love for plumerias, and got me 3 cuttings for christmas. However, I am at a complete loss beyond this point. I live in an apartment, and clearly in Boston outdoor planting isnt really an option.

SO, my first question is do I plant them now? I know Ill be struggling to keep them in proper sun (may need a light?) and all that I will get to, but right now I am trying to figure out my first step.

I am especially nervous because I am a graduate student who will be going out of town for my winter break from next week until early January. But I have no clue if cuttings keep, and things of that nature.

Hopefully you skilled professionals, especially ones who grow indoors, can advise me. Literally any help beyond 'this is a plumeria stalk' will be beyond my abilities :)


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tdogdad(Zone 9)

I would put them in a cool (not cold, not hot and dry) location and wait to plant them until March. Unless you have a sophisticated set up (bottom heat, grow lights, etc) your chances of rooting during dormancy are extremely low and the chances of rot are high. Cuttings can sit for 4-5 months.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Split6kik,

I am doing the same thing that Bill suggest.

A friend sent me some wonderful Hong Kong cuttings, Which was very nice!!! Thank you!! : )

She wanted me to root hers at the same time when i root mine.

I also have the light set up and the heat mats, but i really dont like to root during this time of the year.

The cuttings will be placed in a cool spot in my house. Then when Early March arrives, i will start them on their rooting process. The seller did send me three cuttings and i may just for an experiment, try and root one now..then root the other two in March.

We will see what happens..

Good luck to you and i hope you have great success with your cuttings!!!

Take care,


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I would wait. Use the time to get a heat mat, grow light, soil ingredients, and fertilizer for later.

I'm sure to garner giggles and snickers from those in higher latitudes...but my definition of cool is 50-60 degrees.

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I agree with what everyone is saying. Its much better to wait until spring to root them. I have never gotten a plumeria to root indoors for me, but I have had no problems rooting them outside.
They would do great as potted plants outside in Boston during the summer. Then you can bring them indoors during the winter. They go dormant and wont require much water or light, so they actually do make pretty decent dorm plants during the winter time (just dont expect them to have any leaves on them again until spring when they break dormancy!).


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