help id: white floribunda

penguu(8)January 10, 2007

it's a white floribunda shrub with deep green waxy leaves (ignore the two tall stems...please...):

and white almost-gardenia-like flowers with a pink peach glow:

the outside ring of petals have spreads of light pink color(like R. chinensis...but paler):

thanks for the help, folks~

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nevermind~ I found out it's probably iceberg.

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I didn't even need to see the bloom. That photo of the foliage told me immediately that you have 'Iceberg'. : )

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Thank you. It is good to have confirmation. ^_^

The ones in water are growing new leaves~~~ The bottom is swelling, too. Perhaps there's hope for some roots *prays*

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I just moved into a new OLD house with no roses. That is strange for me, since I used to have gardens of 250 to 600 rose bushes and even owned a rose nursery at one time.

Guess what rose I bought first. That's right. 'Iceberg'! Then, I bought a tree rose of 'Iceberg'. Why? Because this is a great garden rose that makes tons of blooms for a showy display in the yard. It isn't that good for cut bouquets, but it is wonderful in the yard.

I will be buying more plants, mostly minis. Of course, I am prejudice about them. : )

By the way, are you trying to root that 'Iceberg' stem in water? Don't do that.

You can buy a healthy, grafted, well-established plant for less than $10 at almost any nursery and even the local Home Depot or Walmart. It is so popular that everybody sells it.

Don't spend the next 2 years trying to get a cutting to develop into a plant. Just buy one that is already well-rooted and will be growing and blooming up a storm in just a couple of months. It ain't worth it to propagate with good rose bushes selling so cheap.

Support the rose businesses and hybridizers. Buy your rose bushes, and encourage these folks to make new varieties. Help keep nurseries open. We have lost too many good nurseries already.

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I DO buy roses, I do, honest! (For example, I bought this unlabeled miniature today and I'm trying to ID it on this forum...perhaps you'd lend your expertise...? )

It's just that I don't have the space for those bareroot roses they sell garden centers, and by doing cuttings, my plant will remain small and cute for a few years, until I move into a bigger space... Moreover, I'm a newbie to roses. When I got the cuttings, I didn't even know what this rose was, not to mention it was a popular rose! I saw it performed fabulously in my climate, with an abundance of fragrant white flowers and nary a spot of disease or pestilence...

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