Forest Pansy Redbud Tree or Eastern Redbud Tree

karlajr(z5 CO)April 16, 2011

Has anyone had any luck growing either the Forest Pansy Redbud tree or the Eastern RedBud tree in Zone 5/northern Colorado Springs area?

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I'm not down there, I'm up in Wheat Ridge, and I think we're 5a. There are a bunch of Eastern Redbuds in this western suburb and they thrive. Right now they're a beautiful haze of light purple, putting on a show for everyone to enjoy.

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Hardiness zone-wise, the Eastern Redbud should do fine in Front Range area, but of course other things than zone come into play here in Colorado. Like tommysmom, I'm in the Denver metro area, so I am not sure this will help you...

Two of our neighbors (across the street from our house) have redbuds in their yards; they are mature trees and thrive year after year with a wonderful display of flowers in the early spring. I, however, haven't had much luck with them in my yard.

One that I purchased did OK for a few years but then split in half one winter and died. I have had several "volunteers" that showed up in my yard - seeds from my neighbors' trees obviously - but most of them have died, not making it through their first winter. I do have a couple of seedlings (about 3 or 4 ft high) that seem to be OK this spring - one even has about 3 flower clusters on it, lol - so perhaps my luck has changed, but I am not counting on it!

It could be that the trees need some extra protection from the cold and wind during their first year or so here in Colorado, which I have not provided. Perhaps they need tree wrap, extra mulch, or....

The blooms of the Eastern Redbuds are beautiful and I really like the leaves as well, so I would love to have one that survives.

karljr - if no one from Colorado Springs responds, you can always check with a reputable nursery in your area and see what they recommend.


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Has any body ever grown a redbud in zone 6 at 7000 ft?. I live in Flagstaff, and in Sedona they are all over the place and gorgeous. Sedona is 5000 ft.

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