Mystery home depot rose

lilgreenfrogJanuary 17, 2008

Hello; I'll stick a picture up when my camera is working, but I'd like to ID a little rose I just bought at Home Depot. Its labeled "Palace rose", but has a generic photo, and the mini named Palace is not it. It seems to be a large-ish mini? Its blooms are maybe 2 inches wide, VERY densely petaled (maybe like a cabbage rose?) and cup shaped. The outer layer of petals is a fairly bright green, and all other petals are a light peach/pink.

Does this sound like anything anyone recognizes? I've been playing on Help Me Find, but don't know how to search with so little information.



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diane_nj 6b/7a

At the site, in search, see the buttons next to the box where you enter the name? Click the "contains" button, then put "Palace" in the box. You'll get a lot of responses...

Now, Palace is a series of roses from Poulsen Roser. could be any of the plants in that series, the only way to know for sure is to compare the bloom color and form.

If the link below doesn't work, go to Poulsen Roser, click on "Products" at the top of the page, then "Roses" on the left side, then "Palace" on the left side.

Here is a link that might be useful: Palace Roses

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Did you happen to keep the little plastic pot it came in? Often the Poulsen roses will have the name actually stamped on the side of the pot. It's usually very faint, and hard to notice unless you know it's there. I just got ALTO PARADE at OSH, and it was printed on the pot. HD, Lowe's, OSH and any of the big box stores usually get the ones that are printed. We have a Grocery Outlet here that has all sorts of odd things, and they often get in the Poulsen minis, Parades, Palace, Patio Hits, but they're apparently the ones they can't ID... mismarked ones, etc. Because they never have the names on the pots. But I find that when you see them at the bigger stores, they do have the named ones.

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