is this elle?

angel-faceJanuary 30, 2014

please identify this rose. Plant has shape of hybrid tea. plenty of thorns. Leaves are mostly 7-leaved, with reddish edge and saw edged. Flower is absolutely sweet smelling.
My thoughts: ?bellaroma, ?elle, ?peace ??????any other which I dont know of...

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seil zone 6b MI

It could be Elle. Elle is very changeable and can show many different color variations. Bellaroma is also a possibility from the pics at HMF. I don't think it's Peace at all. Way too much pink and not enough yellow in it. Is this your rose or did you get it somewhere else? If it's yours you need to let it bloom again and post more pictures.

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yes seil, this is mine. This was its 1st and only flower with me as yet. will have to wait for next bloom.....

by the way, how does one differentiate between elle and bellaroma?

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seil zone 6b MI

Elle has MANY faces. She can be completely pink or very peach, with lots of shades in between, and sometimes she's a deep rich color or very pale but I've NEVER seen her get the red edges that Bellaroma can often have. Actually, in my opinion, Bellaroma resembles a more muted Double Delight than it does Elle.

These are all photos of Elle.

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this one has some crooked leaves, a few fused leaflets... Not bloomed ever since.... I'm fed up... I've been waiting for it to bloom

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Patricia43(z8 AL)

One bloom per year? Name it "shovel prune."

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