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nanito(5)January 31, 2010

This rose was grown by my grandfather between 1965 and 1970 in Necochea (Buenos Aires, Argentina). After this period, he kept just a small plant grown from its own roots which still flowers every year. A friend of him, owner of a very well known nursery, wanted to buy my grandfather´s rose as he said it was one of his favourite and a very difficult rose to get. I know that it could be a really difficult task at all, taking into account that there are so many red roses, but I have had great results posting my unknown roses here. I wish I could have the same luck in this occasion!



Type: HT, (I think).

Size: Up to 78´ (2 mt) tall and 39´ (1 mt) wide.

Stems: Strong, rigid.

Habit: Tall and dense bush, very thorny (although the pictures of the plant show just a plant rised from its own roots, no more than 39´ (1 mt) tall).


Color: Dark green, leathery (not glossy). Some young sprouts have a characteristic light green color.

Size: 2.73´ (7 cm) x 1.95´ (5 cm).


Features of the bud: Small buds: 0.98´ (2.5 cm)

Diameter: 3.51" x 3.51" (9 cm x 9 cm).

Flower: Not very big.

¿How does it bloom?: Solitary and in clusters of up to 3-4 flowers.

¿How many times does it flower?: Taking into account that the rose grows in our holidays house, I just can tell that it produces a lot of flowers during the summer period. Of course it might flower in spring, as well.

Number of petals: 25 petals.

Stamen Yes/ No: Yes, yellow.

Color: Deep velvety red while opening, bright red with some fuchsia tones then.

Lenght of the flower: High.

Fragance: None to mild fragance.

Resistance: It seems to be a very vigorous and healthy cultivar.

THANKS for your time! Mariano.

PS.: for more pictures, click on the image below to go to mi Picasa Web Album. Red Rose ID

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I live in Spain and I am trying to find white roses that smell like roses to plant in a planter. Please help me find the name and photo because the gardening center here haven´t a clue.

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