What do I do w/ my indoor Kordana Mini's?!?

Bethany_Z5(Rural Z5)September 27, 2006

My hubby bought me 2 grocery store Mini's that turned out to be quite nice so I'd like to save them.

I've had them on a kitchen windowsill and now that the colder weather has snuck up on me I'm wondering if its possible to plant them outside.

Day temps range from the low 50's - 60's and night temps in the 30's - 40's. Is it too late to harden them off?

I don't have any dark, cool rooms.

Water freezes in my un-attached garage.

The tags says:

Grown in Canada

Cinderella & Escimo Kordana

Zone 5-9

THANKS for any advise!

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tjsangel(z5 OH)

Go ahead and get them planted. Minis are some of the hardiest roses and in zone 5 can be planted through October. But the sooner the better, to let them get their roots established. My mom just got a pretty red Kordana rose. Indoors it wont survive long, you'll need very strong sunlight and spider mites will arrive. Good luck!


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I have those two in our back yard in pots. They're great little roses.

If you plant them now, plant them where they'll get at least 6 hours of sun a day, mulch them well and don't give them any fertilizer with nitrogen until next spring. You might want to look for a sheltered spot in your yard.

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I'm in zone 9 even and my husband got me 2 also. I put them in a bright window sill and one died. I put the other outside and it's flourishing in the ceramic pot I transplanted it to. Come to think of it, 'bout the only potted rose I ever got to grow beyond a climber I then planted in the ground after we moved. It's doing well in the pot but I am rethinking putting it in the ground this month. We do get some frosts here in central CA. I think I'd take Kathya's advise. :)

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george_mander(5 to 6)

Kordana Minis are "Throw away Roses" in Europe after they finished blooming.
These are bred to bloom just once, but you may try them outside.

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tomatoes4ever(7 Fairfax VA (DC))

No True! I have a Cinderella Kordana that has done quite well over the years. It's surprisingly hardy.

I had it in a plastic pot outside and I neglected it. I truly thought it was dead and I sorta was lazy and forgot about it. When I went to throw out the pots and things in that area of my backyard I found it GROWING the next spring. And it really grew quite nicely, so I put it in the ground and it has bllomed quite nicely for me this last year.

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