Pink mini climber

lesdvs9January 4, 2007

I live in central CA, this mini rose was bought from Sequoia Nursery in 1985 and was usually pest free and didn't need spraying. I believe it had small thorns, not sure. I believe the blossoms were about 2" and under a magnifying glass looks like the centers are possibly yellow but not sure. It was a repeat bloomer. At the time of the photo this bush was about 7 years old. I thought this could be Angel Pink or Hi Ho but not sure, back from 1985 it could be an entirely didn't climber that the nursery doesn't grow at all now.

I'd appreciate any guesses that I could look up on HMF for photos to compare.


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any close-up shots? it's hard to tell...looks like rambler...and looks like an english rose...check this site:

Here is a link that might be useful: possible climbers

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squeakmommy(Z6b Mid-TN)

Your picture reminds me of Carefree Delight, though it is not a climber.

Here is a link that might be useful: Carefree Delight

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Thanks for the replies, I used to buy only minis and under a magnifing lens it has fully double petals. I let it grow on purpose just to see how big it would get growing unchecked. It brought the fence down, the 2x4 to the left is propping it up:) I'm not familiar with ramblers so I can't say how they grow and you can't see it in the photo but I used to use string and twine to tie up the canes to the fence and let the canes trail on over how they would. I liked them arching over and it was in thick branching not single trailing canes if that helps.

Blowing up on this site is as large as I can blow it up, anymore the pixels blow to where you can't see. The photo is a 3x5 on an overcast day. This is as true to color as the photo is and true as I remember the rose being. I looked at a possiblity on HMF of Baby Darling also sold by Sequoia Nursery. Again, I bought all my minis and climbers there since '85 it would have been a rose they carried then. It's also possible it's one they don't carry anymore. I've been haunting climbers on the internet looking for anything in a pink range or even a pink purple. On the mini forum I posted a 2nd pic of this at sunset to show it's still a pinkish photo. It is a possiblity with all the experimenting that Mr. Moore did that something more than a mini caught my eye, and that was a 6' fence it was on and the tallest cane reaching up to about 10' tall. I'd really, really like to have this rose again. I said on the mini forum I checked the house I grew this at and the first thing the new owners did was dig out all the roses. Too bad. As soon as the roses start blooming at Sequoia Nursery in the spring I'll be there with my pic comparing blooms, on all their climbers.

I appreciate your thoughts, you never know, I'm hoping someone somewhere grows this and will recognize the form of the rose just from the way it grows. The photo is so old I don't have the negative to play with either. Thanks. Leslie

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