Help to ID Striped Rose

Alex43January 17, 2014

I have what I believe is a very unusual striped rose bush in my yard that was planted about 18 months ago. It was bought a discount house (Home Depot) but was apparently mislabeled, as the label said it was a cream colored rose with red edges on the petals. The bush is now 4 feet high and has six to ten blossoms or buds at any one time. The blossoms vary between 3 and 4 inches in diameter. The blossoms are quite complex, having over 100 petals and a medium aroma I have done an online search and not found pictures of any similar rose. The coloring pattern is darker, deeper red and whiter white than a Ferdinand Pichard and there are far more petals. It is also similar to a Scentimental but has far more petals and somewhat different and more compact shape. A picture of a blossom is attached.

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seil zone 6b MI

I've posted these questions on your other post in the gallery too.

Alex, can you give us more pictures of the plant? Leaves, thorns and plant structure can be helpful in IDing what type of rose it is which then might lead to a name. Does it bloom once a season or all season long? Are the blooms single on a cane or in clusters? I know you got it at HD but was it in a plastic bag or a pot? What was the name on the label? Did it list a grower? The more info you can give us the more likely we can ID it.

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I went outside this afternoon and took more pictures of the striped rose. Which are attached. I measured the bush and it is almost exactly five feet high at present. It does have fairly prominent thorns and the blossoms are on individual stalks. So far it has bloomed year around. Our present temperature here in Mesa, Arizona is 75 degrees. I really have nothing more to add to the information as to what was on the original tag as it unfortunately got lost.

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Picture of the entire bush which is 5 feet tall

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seil zone 6b MI

I'm pretty sure we've correctly IDed this rose as Scentimental.

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There was one hybridized and grown by Weeks Roses called 'Candy Cane.' They might have the picture on their wwebsite.

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