Planting Miniature Roses

kasiecSeptember 28, 2005

I live in Southern California and was wondering if miniature roses will do better planted in the ground or keep them in pots?


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tjsangel(z5 OH)

Hi Kasie,

I dont live where you are, but they will do well in either situation. In a pot they will need much more water, TLC, but will be fine in your climate. In the ground roses really flourish and do their best. Pots do save space, just make sure the roots have room to grow.


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diane_nj 6b/7a

In the ground is better. Many varieties do OK in pots but giving the roots lots of space is always the best. Remember, "miniature" refers to the bloom size, not necessarily the plant size.

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Hi Jen and Diane - thank you so much for the valuable information.


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hemnancy(z8 PNW)

I guess my clay soil and west coast totally dry summers where the ground turns into concrete is hard on the mini's. I bought over a hundred mini's a couple of years ago and many dwindled to almost nothing or died. I have been rescuing some of the small ones and putting them back in pots where they start leafing out and growing again, and the ones I rescued last year are blooming nicely now. So my experience is that most except for the yellows which seem to be the toughest, and a few like White Cloud, Seabreeze, and Sweet Chariot, do better for me in pots. I winter them over in my unheated garage.

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minibot(z9bNorCA Sz16)

I live up North of you, and I have had an okay time in pots, but I just started growing these. They should be fine for a year, but eventually I'll have to pot them up to bigger pots. They came in 4" pots and I put them in about 12" or so. I see new growth and everything! I don't want to put them in the ground because I don't own :-(.


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