Just off the top of your head..a question..

debnfla8bJanuary 25, 2007

My mother remembers a rose from the middle 1950's planted at a house she rented. The owner said it was American Beauty. But Mama said this rose was very deep red..almost a dark red wine color. The petals were thick and fuzzy..deep red. The bloom itself was very gobular shaped, lots of petals and big. The bush was around 4-5 ft tall...I know this doesn't help but I was wondering if perhaps the fuzzy, thick petals might ring a bell.

I don't think American Beauty is a deep red. The rose rebloomed.

This is in Panama City Florida..North Florida.

I didn't know how to even begin to ask if anyone can could just guess...give me a couple names..I will investigate those names.

I would love to find this rose and plant it for her. She just keeps telling me how beautiful this rose was...it had to be mail ordered because there are NO nurseries here selling roses and there wasn't back then.

Thank you for any suggestions you could give me. I know this is really impossible without a picture. But I thought I would just ask. :0)))


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If you're thinking of a hybrid tea, Chrysler Imperial is a rich and velvety one.

Here is a link that might be useful: Chrysler Imperial

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Thank you Krista.

I don't know if it was a Hybrid Tea or not. Mama said the petals were thick, very deep red and had a fuzziness to them.

Funny thing....I just bought a Chrysler Imperial..its still soaking in a bucket of water, almost ready to plant! So...perhaps I can discover my Mom's mystery rose that is haunting her dreams...it might be Chrysler Imperial. That would just be too cool!!!


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rosyjennifer(z 6/7 MD)

There is a red rose from 1960 called "American Home" Might this be it? Vintage Gardens has it listed on their site.

Vintage says that American Beauty is carmine to rose red. Is this too light for the rose your mom remembers?

Here is a link that might be useful: American Home at HMF

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Hi Deb.

I think that I know your mystery rose, judging by the date and your description of the 'thick, fuzzy, heavy petaled, globular, deep wine blooms. Your mother was most likely growing 'Don Juan'. This is a wonderful, old, climbing rose that many people mistakenly cut back, forming a bush. It's a shame, but people who don't know that they have a climbing rose will often do just that.

This popular old climber makes thick, fragrant flowers in the richest red that I have seen. And believe me, I have seen thousands of varieties of rose in my life.

This beautiful old girl was introduced in 1958 by J&P. I am sure that it is still commercially available. You can probably find it among the out of patent climbers for sale at any retail outlet. I have seen it at the back of the nursery section in Walmart and Home Depot several times. : )

I'm glad that I came over to this forum to check it out and could be of help.

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How in the world are you doing??? What a delight to see you posting again. Now......don't stay away!!

You just might be right about Don Juan. I just bought Chyrsler Imperial so I could show Mama the blooms and see if that's the rose.

So now I need to find me a good Don Juan and grow that one too! Amazing that I haven't got those two already in my yard!!!

Thank you for mentioning Don Juan to me. I will find a good one to grow. I hope everything is well with you...imagine....a pastor's wife!!! I can just see how perfectly you fit that role...LOL. But you ARE the sweetest thing!

Deb (smiling ear to ear!!!)

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Oh, another old friend has found me out. *lol* This place is just crawling with people who remember the nasty old lady, called MiniRose.

I'm doing just great. Most of my old friends would be amazed to see me now. No more smokin', drinkin', cussin', outrageous, old, rose lady. Jesus came in, and a whole lot of stuff went out. There was no way that I ever expected to find myself married again, especially to a pastor; but it was definitely love at first sight for both of us.

We met at church on Sunday, and he proposed 2 days later. We were married within the month, and we are now old married folks for past 2 years. God does have a sense of humer. Only people who have met the old MiniRose could atest to that. *lol*

I hope that now I am retired from the rose business that I will be welcomed on this forum, but only time will tell. I am still afraid to mention any of my favorite minis, for fear that the webmaster will send me packing.

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diane_nj 6b/7a

You can mention, it is OK. New owners of GardenWeb (iVillage, owned by NBC Universal/GE), and since you are no longer on the business, you can mention any rose or any hybridizer. You just can't publicize your own business. Some of the owners pop in from time to time to add info, but no selling allowed. Otherwise, share away and welcome back!!!

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Thanks for giving me that information, Diane. I kept waiting for a note from Spike, telling me to hit the road. *lol*

The last message I got said that I was not to post anything about Mom, her roses, my business, my life...and finally the topper...all mini roses. He even subject that I stick to nuetral non-rose posts. I couldn't figure out, "What was left to post on a ROSE FORUM?!!!"

That's when I left and went to a forum where I could post all of the 'forbidden' topics.

I wonder, what would happen, if I mentioned Mom's roses that are currently being sold by Greenhart/Nor'East? Is that selling, even if I don't make any money from the sale of those plants?

I can't help but be a little bit prejudice for my Mom's roses. I happen to think that they are the best roses in the world. That's called pride and love for my parent.

Of course, a whole lot of folks who are not in my family think that Mom made some mighty good roses too. : )

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kathwhit(z8, West OR)

Hey, I remember you too! I want to hear about your Mom's roses. Go ahead and name them. You're not making any profit from them.

Glad to hear you are doing well.


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irish_rose_grower(z7 LI NY)

HI Minirose -- I'm new since you left. Welcome back though. I would love to know which mini's are your Mom's at Nor East. I just bought my first 4 mini's from Nor East, I wonder if I got one of Mom's?

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Hi to you, Irish.

I am about to totally blow my cover. If this doesn't get me kicked off Garden Web, then I will be surprised.

My mother's name is Dee Bennett. She was the hybridizer of some of the greatest minis and Mini Floras in America, including...

Jean Kenneally
Luis Desamero
Ultimate Pleasure
Rosy Dawn
Kay Denise
Sweet Arlene
Rowdy Roy
All the 'ups'...Pucker Up, Cheer Up, Cuddle Up
and super singles, like My Sunshine, Punkin, Grace Seward

That is just the tip of the iceberg. She created about 200 varieties of rose, including some floribundas like Bonnie Jack.

The new introduction 'Remembering Dee' is a sport of her rose Madeline Spezzano and was named to honor my Mom.

I appreciate your welcome, but I probably won't be hanging around here very much, because I know that some folks will be uncomfortable with me posting on this forum again. Lurking is about all I feel comfortable doing over here. I have another forum where I have been very active and feel more free to speak. That's where I will be most of time.

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dan_keil_cr Keil(Illinois z5)

During the 50's a lot of dark red vevelty roses came out on the market. Here are the ones I remember
Crimson Glory
New Yorker
Red Radiance
Chysler Imperial My favorite old red!

It wasn't Mr. Lincoln it came out in 1965

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