Trinidad Scorpion

Melissa77754(SoCal Zone 9)September 4, 2011

Can any of you experienced growers tell me the difference (in your opinion) of the Trinidad Scorpion Morouga strain and the Butch T Strain??

I am going to trade for some of the Morouga strain BUT my husband has his heart set on the Butch T strain. So I am just wondering if there is really that big of a difference in heat and taste?



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Butch T has the record for hot.
But I don't think Morouga Blend has been tested yet.

If they are Morouga Blend they are a cross of 7 Pot and Trinidad Scorpion.

My Morouga Blend is just budding now.
For taste I prefere 7 Pots flavor to Trinidad Scorpions myself.

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Melissa77754(SoCal Zone 9)

Good to know, thanks Mike!

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Hi Melissa,

I haven't grown the Butch T yet but I grew the Trinidad Scorpion Morouga Blend, 7 Pot Jonah, 7 Pot and Trinidad Scorpion this year (all seed from Neil at the Hippy Seed Co.)

To my palate, I didn't find the Morouga Blend that remarkable both heat and taste wise. Maybe it's my growing conditions or just me. I found the 7 Pot Jonah on the same heat scale as the Trinidad Scorpion but with a nicer flavour, again, just to my palate.

Smoke, I thought the Morouga Blend was a Trinidad Scorpion / Morouga Red cross? I'll defer to your wisdom but mine have the 7 pot flavour with a heat range in the high Habanero range. Maybe they don't like my climate up here ;-))



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Attached is a video you might find amusing.
My Morougas are doing well this year. They are still yellow and haven't turned red yet.
John A

Here is a link that might be useful: Trinidad Scorpion Morouga

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Well I think judging by Neil's review both will put a hurting on you!

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If you go to the Hippy Seed Co. web site, you can watch a video of that guy tasting just about every hot pepper that they grow. He does a play by play on them all. They guy has guts.

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Melissa77754(SoCal Zone 9)

Thank you for all the input! :) Either way my husband is in for a rude awakening, but hey he asked for it! :)

That guy from the Hippy Seed Co is amazing, I have watched quite a few of his videos. But he maintains too much composure, I like to watch the videos that people are in obvious pain! lol

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