white 7 pot/pod

kuvaszlvrSeptember 12, 2013

Got a question for you guys. Does anyone know if there really is a true White 7 Pot? I have read that there is no White 7 Pot, it is just a Giant White Habanero than some have renamed White 7 Pot. The pics I've seen of the two don't look the same, to me. So, anyone here know anything about the two... or one? .. if they are the same.

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It's a cross that I know of. See link.


Here is a link that might be useful: May help answer your question

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hahaha, not only do I get my seeds from Grant, he's a really good guy and has some really wild hybrids, (I never read his discription, many of his peppers don't have descriptions) but junglerain was one reason I was asking, he's sold out and won't have any seeds available till next year. Refining fire's site is where he says it's a white Giant Hab not a 7 pot... so confusing.

Thanks for the link Mark, I just wish I could find more seeds (I kept a plant for myself but apparently it was mislabeled and the plant I have appears to be a Barrakapore).


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cmpman1974(Zone 6 MI)

No, there is no true one right now I've seen. Never know though. Something new comes out daily now. lol;


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