cupido rose

floral_grow(6)October 18, 2009


I just received a miniature cupido rose bush and would like to know if it is too late to plant it outside. We have had a light frost here in Western NY, but the ground is still somewhat warm.

Any advice on this rose would be greatly appreciated.



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Is it the Mini or the Tree ?
***Mini: inside raising can be done with a one - two gallon pot repotting, set the pot in a kitty litter box type of water holder. Provide it with the best air and sun you can get with added lighting if you can keeping it as warm as possible. In a garage or barn sometimes basements are the common places I have mine in the kitchen for now. Keep em off the ground and bare floor level with the use of a bench or table even a chair by 2-4 feet high

Prevent it from drying out watering for me is done once a week just adding it into the kitty litter box. A 1/4 amount of fert is added on a monthly basis until early Feb. to the watering.

Be on the ready for powdery mildew to show its ugly face it is the lack of good warm spring summer air that brings this subject up

I am going to check out a outside trash barrel idea next year for late season planting of minis. Donot attempt to do the barrel idea if thats your only plant. I wouldn't want to have you loose it because of some bad advice

Tree : convert to reading all of the abouve with a much bigger pot and box and additional watering from the top at base of plant. I have yet to attempt any type of rose tree growing at all If I where to it wouldn't be done on an off season planting.

Best of luck to you In my opinion it is to late to plant a rose of any type outside in your colder zone, that one frost is going to become several in a very short time.

You may recive some feed back regarding snow as an insulator and root protection may help.
Snow is an insulator: As is a cooler full of ice on a hot summer day. Snow holds a frozen ground temps even more effectivly than a cooler does when full of ice even if the cooler is in the same spot.
If you opt to take the root protection idea you'll need to bury the plant in 2-3 feet of dry leaves and such topped with some branches from a pine tree or some sorce to hold it all down. The only thing left to do here is getting it some air

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