Plant addictions

gardenbutt(rocky mt 4-5)May 4, 2009

I admit I have a plant addiction.My SO is my enabler.He helps me out by doing things like starting to build the greenhouse, Picking up my potting supples, this morning unloading the great deal of 7.5 yards of aged compost picked up for 50 bucks,, yes,,,So today he has to work and I start potting up the veges,, ummm the living room is down to pathways only the garage is still full and gads,,, Thats just the veges..

I am wondering if there are others who's SO's just smile and snicker as they help your plant addiction.MIne is going to be home soon.I bet he is up at 6 in the morning trying to finsih the greenhouse.


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Yes!! My SO helps by telling me things like "why shouldn't you have more if you want more?" He does the same with all my projects and hobbies!! He brought home a huge vermiculture thing full of worms to help with my composting. This makes it very fun.

I'm funny in the sense that I don't like actual help. I like moral support or verbal support but I have a need to do the work myself. He tries to bring in my heavy bags of soil or whatnot and I have to remind him that I really enjoy the arm workout.

His main job that I don't like doing is to bring in then put back outside the tomatoes when it hails, freezes or snows or to cover them up if it isn't that bad.

He did snicker when I said I wasn't going to $buy new plants but that I would buy new bulbs. "But, that is buying new plants, isn't it?"

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david52 Zone 6

Well, take advantage of it while it lasts. DW was like that for a few years, and then, as time passed like a worm crawling through the finished compost, she became more, what shall I say, 'distant' to the trowel, pitchfork, and sunburned neck scene, and would look, positively askance, at my grubby knees, cracked fingernails, and torn pockets where I forgot to take out the pruners and the trowel. I won't need to get into the muddy shoe thing, I'm sure everyone has been there.

And then, one morning as I brightly and cheerfully suggested we go, hand in hand, to put an absurd amount on the credit card at the new nursery in town, she led me by the hand over to the corner of the garage where, stacked (neatly, I might add) up were several hundred empty 1 gallon pots, and mutely pointed at them. No tapping foot, but I got the point.

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glok(z 4/5 CO)

Yep! My SO and DS and his friend were all out yesterday doing my 2 new raised beds! They look so nice! When I pointed out that I couldn't do a hoop house the way they set the beds for optimal sun exposure, the SO said and I quote here, "so we'll build two! I pretty much took the day off except for buying dirt, mulch and manure! Love it!


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Have you ever wondered where Clumsy gets the skill to transplant?

Ms. digitS' hands are soooo much smaller than mine. She does get a little carried away, however. There's a tendency on her part to pot-up every seed that germinates. ID'ing things gets a little off. (Maybe she's trying to sneak things past me ;o)

We've had the oddest over-abundance of some mundane choices to the garden, at times. Or, maybe not always mundane but untried.

I consider too large of a commitment away from the tried-and-true as extremely risky. Broad swathes of the garden turned over to something that fails effects me strongly. Like weeds, which DW can walk right by without so much as a sideways glance. Oh, but when I can get her to weeding . . . !

Clumsy digitS'

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