I'm new to roses and don't know what to do!

CayraOctober 12, 2005

I really love roses, but have never grown them before. I was bought 2 'lots' a little while ago, one lot red, n one lot white (a lot being 4 plants in 1 pot) but i don't know what type of roses they are.

I've already lost 4 plants which isnt good, a white mould started covering the leaves and stems not long after they were bought for me, i thought i was over watering, so i stopped watering all the time, even though they had never really been sitting in water, but it didnt help, i cut off the really mouldy parts, so it would stop it spreading, and wiped off some of the leaves which wernt so badly effected, but it re-grew. The 4 remaining plants have lost most of their leaves, but there is new growth. Some of the leaves have yellow in them, while others have red, on the same plant!

I'm not sure what to do, any help would be appreciated!

Just as a extra thing.... if the plants have gone brown n all the leaves have dropped off, it dead, right?

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tjsangel(z5 OH)

Hi Cayra! Welcome to the forums and the wonderful wacky world of roses. Dont fret, the 1st year is the toughest, and we all have to learn.

About the mold, this sounds like powdery mildew. Like a white dust over the leaves. This can easily be controlled with a good fungicide. Follow the directions on the bottle and it should clear up soon. It's hard to overwater roses, they love water. What zone are you in, and are you growing these outdoors? Roses are not houseplants. About the brown one, cut everything down and see if it regrows. If not it was underwatered and it's dead. Hope this helps, get back to us if you can with more info!


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How much would a fungicide cost? can you recomend some?
I don't know what zone i'm in, i live in england...
I'm growing the roses in my room, but that shouldnt make any difference really, they get more sunlight in here, and they wont dry out in here which they would outside, as its very chalky soil.
I guess there is no harm in leaving the 'dead' plants in the pot to see if they re-grow, what sort of time scale would it be before they do regrow?

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tjsangel(z5 OH)


Fungicides range in prices, splurge a little on a real good one. Bayer 3 in 1 works great, Rose Pride is an alternative. DO NOT use Immunox, it is worthless against blackspot, but might be ok for mildew. If you can, I'd really advise planting them outside in full sun. Minis are very hardy in winter. Indoors they are susceptible to spider mites, and dont get enough sun even from the strongest light indoors. It's just not the same. This is maybe why yours are struggling. You'll be amazed how much they take off in the garden. I'd wait a month to see if the rose comes back, but most likely it won't. If you have chalky soil, which is better than clay, amend with compost and peat moss. And fertilize starting in Spring-they make fertilizer for roses-and continue once a month until September. Good luck! :)


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diane_nj 6b/7a

Cayra, as to fungicides, I'm not sure of what they might be called in England. The Royal National Rose Society has a help line, perhaps they can giveyou guidance. Here we use products that include the active ingrediants Mancozeb/manzate, propiconazole (in products called Banner Maxx, Infuse and Fertilome Systemic here in the states) and tebuconazole (found here in Bayer Advanced Rose and Shrub Disease Control).

Growing inside isn't recommended. Even though you think there is enough sunlight in your room, it isn't. And as Jen mentioned, the spider mites are difficult to get rid of once they take hold.

Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Royal National Rose Society Help Line

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The only space i'm allowed to grow any plants in the garden doesnt get much sunlight at all, its in shade 98% of the time. I do grow other 'outdoor' plants in my room, with success.

I know it may be a stupid question, but what are spider mites?

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diane_nj 6b/7a

Spider mites are little insects that suck the life out of a plant. They are small, look like pepper grains, and spin little webs on the undersides of the leaves. Sometimes insecticidal soap will help. Sometimes.

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Never heard of spider mites before, i'll keep an eye out for them, how do they get onto your plants?

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tandaina(WA (8))

Spider mites have been teh #1 killer for indoor minis for me. They're horrible. Who knows how they get in, they're too tiny to protect against. The best solution I've found is to take the rose to the sink once a week and blast the undersides of the leaves iwth a strong spray of water (pretty easy if your sink has a wand attachment, or the shower would work I suppose.) That seems to be the only way to keep them under control.

However I have almost no success with them inside. They might live but they never rebloom for me. Hopefully you have better luck. If you can grow them outside in nice big pots in the sun that also works well.

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