id this mini red rose

angel-faceFebruary 19, 2014

mini, mod fragrance, a few thorns. Oval leaflets. Leaflets are deep green above and reddish underneath.

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more pics

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another pic

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please help me with this, got this mini from a local grocery shop as 'Mini red rose'. I'm keen on id'ing it....

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seil zone 6b MI

Angel Face, the problem with these grocery store roses is that there are dozens of them it could be. The two main growers of these are Poulsen and Kordana and they grow thousands of them and ship them here for sale as disposal gift plants. Both Poulsen and Kordana have websites and sometimes if a rose is very distinctive in some way you can find the name. But a plain red mini could be almost impossible to find in the maybe dozens fo red roses they sell. Further complicating things is the fact that often times the growers will substitute one rose for another in their orders. So a buyer might order red rose "Ruby" and end up with red rose "Crimson" instead. They just fill the orders by color, not by name.

It's a pretty little rose and I would suggest you just give it a name you like and enjoy it!

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Yeah they put these out by the thousand for special occassions. they come in most colors. There is usually more then one rose to a pot and you can repot or plant them outside My grandson gave me a beautiful yellow one put out, I think by company called Victory.. I could not find them listed on internet .. So mine will be called Archer after my grandson, who was so excited he gave his grandma her favorite yellow rose. Enjoy it.. it is really pretty.

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