Sale over at HCG

david52_gwMay 11, 2013

High Country Gardens seems to be back in bid'ness, and they've a sale on perennials on right now.

I succumbed.

But only because I was jealous of youse at the swap meet.

/It was that, or eat a whole quart of ice cream

Here is a link that might be useful: fifteen percent off

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treebarb Z5 Denver


You'll be with us in spirit! Save the ice cream for when it gets hot outside.

Thanks for the tip on HCG!

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Sort of a heads up, folks. What they have in their paper catalog and what they have on their website are not the same thing.

I placed an order the 10th, using plants on the website, and these haven't arrived. Normally, I get them the tuesday of the week following the order. Tried phoning customer service, nobody will answer the phone. Tried emailing, no answer as of yet.

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I finally got an answer to my email, the plants should show up sometime late next week, the delay because some of the plants I ordered "hadn't' yet been released" .

They are under new ownership. It shows.

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jaliranchr(z5 EC CO)

That's awful news that they have been sold. Poo.

Oh, Hi, guys and gals. I'm back on the plains. I'm no east coaster.

I was just commenting that the desert four o'clock I got from HCG several years ago is really taking off. It looks like it will be a good ground cover for that southwest corner at the intersection.

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An update. Of the dozen or so plants I ordered, two were delivered in late May following an email exchange. I emailed again last week, asking when I'd get the rest of the shipment, and they say they'll ship me some more next week if it was ok since its getting hot now, but much of what I ordered are now out of stock, and they are going to reimburse my credit card for about 60% of the order.

I hope they get their act together. I'm so far not impressed with the new ownership/management.

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