The List - May 13, 2007

Skybird - z5, Denver, ColoradoMay 14, 2007

Hi all,

Heres the second posting of the list! WeÂre up to 86 people! And, yes, Steve/Digit, IÂm on the list this time too! ;-) IÂve done my best to keep it up to date, and I hope I have everyone in the right place. I probably wonÂt be reposting this for a long time, if ever, so if youÂre interested in whoÂs where, you might want to copy it onto a Word document and add newcomers when they show up. IÂll probably keep adding people to my list when I notice somebody new. I really do find it helpful to know where somebody is when IÂm replying to a postÂespecially since weÂre spread all over the Rocky Mountain West!

With our early spring in the Denver area, my perennials (now 3 years old) are doing incredibly well this year, and, thanks to MUCH help from Stevation, I can even post pictures now! So hereÂs a Rocky Mountain picture for you!

Have a GREAT summer everyone,



Denver Metro

amester--------------Highlands Ranch


cnetter---------------West of Arvada

comary---------------Henderson (just east of Thornton)

conace55-------------Centennial/Southeast Aurora

dafygardennut-------Aurora at Hampden & Buckley


gardengal co---------SE Aurora



inmca-----------------South Denver - University Park (DU area)

jnfr-------------------Westminster - just east of Standley Lake

lilacs of may---------Aurora


mearshaum-----------SW Denver/Lakewood

oakiris----------------Westminster (across Sheridan from Arvada)

peace rose------------DEN

sabotabby------------Five Points-ish

shadygarden co------Aurora

shaunab---------------NW Denver - Berkeley area




Denver - North & Boulder



diamonic--------------Ft. Collins

doug z5 co------------Lyons


ion source guy--------Ft. Collins

jah742 foco co-------Ft. Collins

luckybottom----------Kersey (just east of Greeley)

mountainhiker--------Estes Park

robinco---------------Northern Colorado

stephinco-------------"North of Denver"



wishcrr---------------West of Ft. Collins (near Masonville)

Denver - East

jalirancher-----------Eastern plains near Limon

milehi-----------------80 miles SE of Jali! (? near Lamar ?)

Denver - West (foothills)

primeribs------------West side of Kenosha Pass in Jefferson

redrockgarden-------West of hogback near Morrison

Denver - South




singcharlene---------Castle Rock


Colorado Springs

billie ladybug--------30 miles east of COS - South of Yoder

binnesman------------North side of COS

emagineer------------Southwest COS

goatgal---------------COS - Moving from AK

lindy loo--------------South COS


nancy in co-----------COS

nicole-----------------Manitou Springs

nrynes----------------Black Forest area by Monument

plantladyco-----------Downtown COS (Patty Jewett)


South of COS

shudavies-------------Canon City

susanka---------------Greenhorn Valley (Rye, Colorado City)

Western Slope

belight 11-------------Glenwood Springs


david 52--------------Halfway between Dolores and Cortez

debitinco-------------Western slope somewhere!

funky dutch----------Ignacio (near Durango)

helene111-------------Glenwood Springs

highalttransplant----Silt - between Glenwood & Rifle

mission impossible----Buena Vista (I know BV isnÂt on the Western Slope!)

Sandy s---------------Rifle


digit------------------Hauser - west of Coeur d'Alene

oddidahoian----------Idaho Falls (Southeast ID)


missoula s------------Missoula


New Mexico

bombus---------------Half hour from Santa Fe

catherine nm---------Near Santa Fe


naninhi----------------Sisters - 20 miles NW of Bend


barb422-------------Salt Lake County

bpgreen--------------Farmington - halfway between Ogden and SLC

linda utah

spyfferoni-----------Springville just south of Provo

stevation-------------Cedar Hills - 35 miles S. of SLC, just east of American Fork


cathycdk-------------Moving from Phoenix to Cheyenne



jlynn-----------------Near Casper


shazone--------------Evanston, WY


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wishccr(Z4-5 CO)

skybird, thank you so much for doing this for us! I saved a copy so I have a reference.

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jaliranchr(z5 EC CO)

Thank you for compiling this for us, Skybird. Absolutely wonderful! :) *chirp* *chirp*

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Skybird - I'm here too, new to this forum. I'm just outside of Hartsel, CO. It's nice to see some neighbors, too! I guess I'm right between Mission Impossible in BV and Primeribs...But isn't "west of Kenosha Pass" in Park County, not Jefferson? Prime ribs, you might be a close neighbor.

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Jean, is that you! I thought about adding the few GBers to the list, but nobody would have known who they were, so I decided not to! I wont be reposting the list here for at least a yearits just too hard to do on this obsolete site, but youll be on MY list! :-) Actually, you already are!

Prime had me confused at first too! Its not Jefferson County, its the little, tiny town of Jefferson! So hed be just about due north of you on Rt. 285.

Welcome to RMG on GW! Glad you came to check it out! Its a great communitybut an obsolete website!


P.S. Glad you decided to copy it Milehi, and---chirp, chirp, Jali!

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ginnytrcka(z5 CO)

New to COS and itching to get gardening, but we are in a rental house in town for at least a year before we move to Black forest. Any ideas on things I can start here and dig up later--cheaply? I don't want to invest alot in the rental garden. I have raspberries and blueberries in pots to take with me, as well as 2 lilacs I got at Lowe's 75% off that are starting to recover and take off. I also just cleaned out an old herb bed that was overgrown with grass and planted some basil, lemon balm, and mint. Also planted some tomatos that will hopefully not get destroyed by weather.

Looking forward to learning as I go here in this climate!


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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Hi Ginny,

Until 3 years ago I had been living in a rental house, and I had slowly been putting in a couple more perennials each year. They never did very well because I wasnt about to spend much money improving the soil at a rental, but they were big enough that, when I bought my house here, I was able to dig up small divisions of the ones I wanted to take with me. I potted them and kept them in the pots until I was able to make room for them over here. Now Im improving the soil quite a bit each time I plant anything, so the plants here are starting to really take off (I have way more sun too!) Most of the ones I brought were very small divisions that were barely alive when I put them in the pots, but youd never know that looking at them now.

One thing you need to know, anything "permanent" you plant at the rental becomes part of the property and is supposed to be left there when you move out. Thats why I didnt dig up the whole plants. Well, a few of them I did! My landlord didnt really know what was there anyway! But she knew I had been planting stuff, so I left enough that it looked like I was leaving "everything."

So I recommend you start some perennials! When you move, you can take divisions of the ones you decide you like a lot and just leave the rest behind. If you dont want to take the time with perennials but want some color, just put in a bunch of annuals this year and start from scratch when you buy your house. (I also recommend that you check to see how much sun youre getting, where, when youre looking at houses to buy.) And most of the herbs are annuals here, so Id put in whatever you want with them, and for the ones that are hardy, you can do the same thing and take divisions with you when you move. Most of the herbs that are hardy, like oregano and thyme, spread a LOT anyway, so divisions would be really easy.

I dont know how well lilacs would do in pots for a year, but I suspect not very wellbut, again, if you put them in the ground, they become part of the propertyif the landlord knows you planted them!

If you want a lot more advice, start a separate "just moved to COS - need advice" thread and a lot more people will see it to help you.

Glad you found us here at RMG. Singcharlene will be glad to have another ex-SoCal person around here!


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Greetings! I'm new to the list and just responded to a thread on Japanese maples, before noticing the last post was in 2006 :-).
Please add my name to the list, if anyone is interested.
My interests are fairly specific, I have a Japanese garden and do bonsai, but if anyone wants to discuss topics related to juniper and pine pruning, pond design and maintenance, rock placement, spring and fall colors in shrubs and trees, special conditions in Colorado soils and weather, etc, I'm here. Those of you into flowers will probably want to pass by me, though :-). At any rate, hello to all, and happy gardening.

Jim (aka YoJimbo- a play on my name and the popular Japanese film swordsman.)

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Hi Jim,

Welcome to RMG. Youve been added to my list, but as of now, I dont plan to repost it until at least next springbut anybody who checks in on this thread will know youre here. :-) Im mostly into perennials, but there are a lot of tree and shrub people around here too, so were glad you found us. And I bet your reviving the JM thread will bring updates from some of the people who were posting on it last spring.

Glad to finally have another Thornton person on my list,

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Thanks for the welcome, Skybird (does this username mean you travel a lot? I noticed the nice plane pic of our snow-capped mountains).

Nice to see a fairly big list of gardeners around this area.
You're right, I'm mostly into shrubs/tree arrangements vs. flowers but it really doesn't matter, all that is important is we all love plants :-) Since we all love plants, it's probably true we spend too much money on our favorite addiction every year, but hey, life's too short to worry about minor stuff like that.

I am still checking out the various topics that have been established on this list, so it may be awhile before I contribute much. I did notice another comment in the Japanese maple thread- so all you folks still interested in exotic maples, here's your chance to revive that one and let us know how yours are doing!

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Hi Jim,

I travel a LOT---when I'm working! I'm a flight attendant, but I've been off on an occupational injury for the last few months. I'm in Chicago right now for a medical exam and visiting my family. Be back to DEN on Saturday!

There's going to be a Fall Plant Swap at my house in late summer or fall, so, since you're close, maybe you'll be able to come. As with the Spring Swap we just had, if you don't have anything to bring, you're invited anyway! It's just fun to have a chance to meet a bunch of fellow RMG'ers. I'll be posting, probably in July, the date, so keep an eye out for it.

Below is a link to a thread about screen names. You've already told us here where yours came from, but maybe you'd like to see where some of the others come from.

Getting anxious be be back in DRY Colorado,

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