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zeffyrose_pa6b7(6b7)April 1, 2011

Can anyone else see the little people dancing around the top of the lamp?

I have no idea what has caused this reflection.

Hope I'm not the only one!---LOL


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Very beautiful.

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Nice bouquet. Yeah I can see them. Funny! I wonder what caused that. My husband's sister took cell phone pics a few yrs ago at their parents' home (both are deceased). There were "orbs" all over the rooms in the pics. Some even had what looked like faces in them. There was nothing around that could've caused a reflection like that. They were spaced randomly in each picture. Plus there were some in photos she took at a restaurant after she left the house. Never happened again. Kinda weird... kinda scary!

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Reflection? I don't think so . . . Cleary, that's an image of two friendly beings doing a 'lively' HHRD around the rim of the lamp.

Springtime message to Florence from another dimension: Keep bringing in bouquets of your lovely roses -- and bring them in ALL SEASON LONG!

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Maybe they are trying to contact you, Florence. (I hear the X-Files music in the background!)

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canadian_rose(zone 3a)

They look more like inukshuks to me. Do you have any inukshuks around that may be reflected?

Lovely roses!!! What are they called?


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