Growth Habit of Hybrid Teas-Are They All the Same?

medusa_(7MD)February 16, 2007

I'm kind of put off by hybrid teas lately because of the habit I've seen on a few of them in my gardens---exceedingly upright, like 6 4' sticks with flowers at the ends. But I do have one that doesn't look like that. So, do all hybrid teas grow that way, or are some more attractive and bushy--more rounded than stick-like? I have very little opportunity to see roses in a garden as no one around here grows them, so I must rely on internet pictures and my own experience.

And, of course, which ones are they?

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Sorry. I don't know how I posted in this forum---will repost over in the main roses forum.

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its really all about the pruning, dont be afraid to over prune, it almost immpossible. cut those tall woody stems just above the 2nd or 3rd new stems or even lower if you can be patient the lower and more you prune the bushier the plant will get..

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dan_keil_cr Keil(Illinois z5)

Most HT'S grow this way. Sometimes a HT will send out a spray. When you see a spray coming on thumb prune the lead bud to get a good spray.

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