Please help id this white rose.

wannabegardnr(7 Maryland)February 15, 2014

Found growing under overgrown azaleas and among pachysandra ground cover. Has been giving me 2/3 roses for the last 3 years. No fertilizer, or supplemental watering, except maybe a couple times a year by hand. Last year, this bloomed in Summer, probably mid to end July. This one has not produced long canes. I will say though, that it got constantly eaten by deer and rabbits. But I have another red one, that grew long canes in spite of all that. No fragrance. White flower, probably two and half inch diameter. This one has not been attacked from rose slugs. It's 4 feet from the red one which gets attacked, and they are separated by an azalea.

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seil zone 6b MI

They both sound like they're root stock from grafted roses that were planted there and the grafts died off. Then the roots take over and grow. The red one is probably Dr. Huey. I don't know which one the white could be, there are several that were used for grafting. I thought at first R. Multiflora but I think it has too many petals for that.

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wannabegardnr(7 Maryland)

Thanks. Does this mean rip them out for something better?

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Those glossy leaves make me think, not rootstock. Possibly a wichuriana hybrid? Do you have any idea what kind of habit (climbing, shrub) this rose might have if it weren't being eaten by deer? I think it's going to have to receive reasonable care (sun, water, decent soil not invaded by a thousand other things) before you can decide whether it's worth keeping or not. It does look like a cultivated variety,though I have no idea which.

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