Spring Swap '09 Picture Thread!

Skybird - z5, Denver, ColoradoMay 10, 2009

Hello all swappers and swappees, and all potential swappers,

I think everyone will agree that we had another very successful Spring Swap! We had 19 RMG posters, along with a few guests, for a total of 25 people (and I think there were a few significant others who didnt sign in on the sign in sheet)! It was the largest attendance weÂve had yetÂexcept for the Fall Swap Â07, where we combined our swap with Olegreymare's swap from previous years.

The weather turned out to be much better than the weathermen had predicted! We had broken clouds, with enough sun to keep it pleasantly warm all afternoon! No rain at all!

The food was wonderful, and we didnÂt wind up with mostly desserts this time! But whoever brought the chocolate covered strawberries and blueberriesÂthank you!!! LOTS of other good things! My plate wasnÂt big enough to try them all! Not to mention my stomach! (And I HAD to save room for the chocolate strawberries and blueberriesÂand chocolate cake! Did I mention that I love chocolate!

There were lots of great plantsÂannuals, veggies, and perennials! I think everybody got something they really wantedÂand more in the free-for-all! It was fun! Those of you in the Denver area who couldnÂt/didnÂt make it to this swap, plan ahead for the Fall Swap.

Here are some of the pictures from the Spring Swap. If you want to see them all, click on the first one and arrow forward thru all of them.

Spring Swap  arriving and starting to eat!

From Swap - 05.09.09


From Swap - 05.09.09


From Swap - 05.09.09


From Swap - 05.09.09

Some of the available plants! (The ones people earmarked earlier were in other places!)

From Swap - 05.09.09

Picking numbers for first and second rounds of picks  the numbers were in the red cup!

From Swap - 05.09.09

Telling what we brought!

From Swap - 05.09.09 From Swap - 05.09.09 From Swap - 05.09.09

Then we did the two rounds of "first picks," and then we had the

Free-for-all! From Swap - 05.09.09

Lots of behinds! EverybodyÂs too busy to worry about where the camera is!!!

From Swap - 05.09.09

Not swapping just now, butÂCharlene and child (one of two!)

From Swap - 05.09.09

AndÂPablo and friend! (Jennifer had the camera!!!) There were also 3 dogs and a few kids there this time!

From Swap - 05.09.09

It truly was a fun time again, and, whether youÂve been to a past swap or not, consider coming to the Fall SwapÂlocation to be determined!

IÂm just finishing that bottle of wine! No! It wasnÂt full when I startedÂif anybody read the "Swap Thank You" thread!Âbut I couldnÂt leave just a little bit in the bottleÂcould I???

I donÂt do very well with putting names together with faces (Bonnie, I WOULD have recognized you if you hadnÂt had the sun glasses on!), but I hope to see a lot of you again at another swap.

Thank you Charlene for hosting again, and thank you ALL for helping to make this another successful swap,


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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Hi all,

I just posted this on the "Swap thank you" thread, and I'm gonna post it here too!

I seem to have come home with fewer of the black plastic plant trays than I arrived with! I really, really need them to grow stuff in and to carry stuff around in for the swaps, so if you wound up with oneor morewould you please keep them and bring them back to the Fall Swap so I can get them back to use again? I use them to move stuff around my yard when Im growing it before the swap, and with as much as I bring, it would be impossible to handle it all without the trays to put it in.

Thank you all, I really appreciate it,

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catladysgarden(z5 CO)

Wow! I missed the whole thing this year. I thought I was on the mailing list for the swap, but I guess not. I'll keep in touch for the Fall one. Our Open Garden will be on July 18th this year. I'll be posting something here. If anyone wants to receive a flyer, please contact me.

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jnfr(z5b CO)

I'm very impressed with the organization! And the food! Looks like a great time for everyone.

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mayberrygardener(z5a, Broomfield, CO)

A great time was had by all--even the dogs! Thanks for posting the pics, skybird!

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