My friend's rose

katebetMarch 12, 2014

My friend moved to the Adelaide Hills and has inherited some beautiful roses - one of which is this one. I would love to be able to tell her the name of it. My beloved Nan would have been able to tell me at a glance, but she passed away three years ago and I don't have her amazing knowledge. Your help would be greatly appreciated!

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seil zone 6b MI

Hi Kate! It would be really difficult to ID this rose from just one picture of the blooms and without having more information about it. Any information about how old it might be or when it was planted could be helpful. Also being that you are in Australia there may be many roses that would be available there that we would never have seen here in the states because of the trade problems and vice versa. There is one orange blend rose that I can think of that I believe is available there called Sheila's Perfume. That is only a wild guess though and there could be many others.

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Hi Seil - thanks for the reply. I think it might be the case that it will be too difficult to kind of looks like a Peace Rose to me, but not quite...I'll ask my friend for any more info that she might have.

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If the color in the photo is true, I would guess not 'Peace': there's too much brown in it. Also the form of the flowers is not overly convincing.

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