Need help identifying seedlings

clarkii(4)March 28, 2013

I have about 30 roses that I've grown from seed. These are my first roses and I need help identifying the type. I'm particularly concerned if it can withstand the Minnesota winters in zone 4.

Last November, I attended a wedding in CA that used rose hips in many of the arrangements, so I "borrowed" a couple hips to take home with me to sprout (I'm calling it the "Lamb-Shaps" Rose after the couple). The hips were mostly spherical and orange-ish, but I don't have any photos of them. I refrigerated them with a moist paper towel until a few started sprouting in early February. I then planted them all in some potting soil and have been amazed at how fast and strong they've grown (I think this may be a start to a rose addiction). My first flower opened yesterday and is about 2" across with ~ 20 petals (photo below). Additional photos can be viewed using the link.

There seems to be 2 types of seedlings as well, but I'm not sure if this is a real difference or not. The rose hips all looked the same. All the seedlings have pink, straight thorns, but some plants have more thorns on a red stem and others (including the one with the flower) the stems has turned green and has fewer thorns that are a lighter pink.

I've tried researching the rose without much luck so far. I sincerely appreciate help in identifying this rose!

Here is a link that might be useful: Additional rose photos

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Rose hips and seeds are produced by sexual reproduction. The "breeds" that people identify are cloned asexually through cuttings and rooting or grafting.
That being said, the roses you are growing are new plants no where else found in the world. You won't be able to identify them as a current existing rose.

That being said, that looks like a mini to me, but it might be a bigger plant once established. Hard to say. On the plus-side, it is an own root rose, so as long as the root system stays alive, the plant will survive the winters.

Good luck and keep posting photos. It's exciting to see your new plants emerge.

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Thanks, intris! I didn't realize that all rose breeds are cloned - makes me even more excited about my little plants. I'll keep a good eye on them this summer and mulch them well for the winter.

If it appears to be a mini, should I research care of minis (soil, sun, etc) and plant accordingly? Or is there a very general rule of thumb I can use?

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lola-lemon(5b East WA)

Not all roses set hips and so the hips can be key to what the parent was. There are pages on the internet which discuss rose hips and you might get an idea of the kind of rose it came from that way. How big were the hips?

Also, once grown more--Take a picture of your plant and the leaves, and unopened buds and new hips and this may allow someone to help you know the class of rose you have and how it likes to be grown. If it blooms all summer or once will also help guide (but not a perfect guide).

Certain roses like cold, others hate cold, but generally, most roses like the same culture otherwise. Generally lots of sun (tho some albas take less), good nutritious, well draining soil.
I am curious if your rose is scented? How large are the flowers?

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seil zone 6b MI

These are babies and the first bloom may not be a good representative of what the rose will eventually look like or grow to. As the plants mature the bloom may change in form and/or size. I doubt the hips you used were from minis if they were any bigger than say a marble. Minis have mini hips usually because the blooms are much smaller to start with. Larger roses will have larger hips. I've had hips anywhere from the size of a big gum ball to almost golf ball size. They also have many shapes from completely spherical to long tear drop shaped depending on the variety.

Iceberg is the Knock Out of California and the hips you got were probably from that, although there is no way to be sure. It's a white floribunda rose that grows very well everywhere out west. Although every seed is it's own new and unique variety, many times, if the hips were self pollinated, the babies will closely resemble the parent. They can still have many characteristics that differ however. The only way to know how yours will do is to watch them. Give them IDs and keep some records of your observations as they grow and change. It's a fascinating hobby.

Watch them grow and enjoy them. They are unique to you alone! There is a propagation forum on here. When the others start to bloom post your new baby pictures over there. We would love to see them!

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

well, unless it is a species rose (rose found in nature). Then it would come true from seed if it was not cross-pollinated.

Sounds like you have florist rose seeds since they are from a wedding, so that would not be 'Iceberg'. Checking with the florist who did the wedding--or maybe the bride kept records--maybe they have records of what was used. But that would just tell you the parent.

What you have are all-originals. :)

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I went and looked at the other pictures- in bud stage it really has a green tint to it! What a lucky gardener you are- whatever it is it sure looks good.

I'd say it sort-of-kind-of looks like "Lime Sublime" but the leaves on yours are rounder. Anyway- too much fun!

Here is a link that might be useful: Lime Sublime on Help Me Find

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Thanks for all the comments!

The white rose I originally posted about is very fragrant - smells wonderful. It did have a green tint as a bud, even a little pink, but was totally white when open. The hips I took the seeds from were small, not larger than a marble, so they might be mini crosses.

I had another bud open this past weekend on another seedling. This rose is a pale pink with rounder, fewer petals and has no fragrance. It's so different than the last one. I've added two pictures of the new rose to the album link.

I have a few more that are going to open soon - one that's a very green color. Several of the seedlings are growing very quickly - a few are more than 10" tall already. I'll have to visit the propagation forum and post the picture link over there.

Thanks, everyone!

Here is a link that might be useful: Rose Photos

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petaloid(SoCal 10a/24)

I live in California, and John F. Kennedy is a fragrant white rose that is popular here, introduced in 1965.

The outer petals of the buds normally have a green tint.

Just like children are not twins of their mothers, rose seedlings are not the same as the plant that produced them.

I admire your ability to get those seeds to grow - that's always hard for me. Best of luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: description & pics of JFK

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Thanks for the idea, Petaloid. Most of the buds on all the seedlings start out greenish and then change color as they open. Though, I'm crossing my fingers that they aren't related to JFK since they require such warm climates and I'm only zone 4.

More pictures of my seedlings can be seen on the Propagation forum, through the link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Seedling pictures on Propagation Forum

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