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OutsidetheboxMay 4, 2013

Am I allowed to sell herbal teas(or even dried herbs in general) if I grow all the herbs myself?

I have been searching online and cant seem to find the answer.

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david52 Zone 6

Just a quick look, but it seems that in Oregon you can sell your own dried stuff,

as well as California -

So I dunno why not.

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Contacting a state farmers' marketing association should give you the answer but much of it will depend on your local health district.

Health districts have enormous power to set and enforce rules, laws and all that good stuff. It began in the time of epidemics in the US.

Generally, farmers have no licenses and if they are selling their own produce, great freedom. Drying a product is minimally processed. It may or may not fall into a different category. You could imagine that if you were selling it brewed and by the glass, it would.


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In Montana you can not sell dried food unless processed in a commercial kitchen. So you can sell produce and fruit if it has not been altered which drying and cooking or combining is considered altered and must be processed in a licensed commercial kitchen. Check with your local sanitarian for rules in your area. My nephew in North Dakota could sell pickled beets which I could not.

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