2008 must haves

kentucky_rose zone 6November 10, 2007

I would appreciate any input on new intro's or oldies that are must haves mini/foras. My preferences include rose bushes that are producers, don't blow fast, and not super disease proned (I do spray). Thanks in advance!

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One that is new to me this year, and I haven't heard about much, is Sassy Cindy. A nice red mini-flora with a lighter reverse, repeats very well, blooms last forever on the bush or in a vase, and they age nicely on the bush as well. It's a large bush (3+ feet in a 5 gal pot for me).


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dan_keil_cr Keil(Illinois z5)

Do you have any at all? That would help.

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I second Sassy Cindy from Bridges Roses. This is one very nice rose. It has a paler reverse than Liberty Bell, the flower is about the same size but has has a slight fragrance that Liberty Bell does not have. Otherwise, I'd say the two are very similar. They also look very nice together. My Sassy Cindy seems quite strong, but not very bushy yet since this is it's first year. I had gotten it late last summer and it took the winter quite well, but still needs another year to mature.

Although I don't have Leading Lady in my garden (my mother has it at her home), I had the pleasure of raising it for her this summer in a pot and was very impressed with it. This is another rose I might have to make room for.

Another miniflora that has really taken my heart is Autumn Sunset. For the 1st year in my garden, this rose really took off and bloomed nicely. I love the color and I think this one will be a good specimen for my photography in the near future.

Amy Grant is always a wonderful miniflora to keep around, that is if you can control the thrips on her first flush. I've lost many first flushes to thrips on this rose, but I found the the 3 in 1 systemic from Bayer seems to keep them under control. For the first time in 7 years, I've had a decent spring flush on AG and I was totally impressed.

Soroptimist International is another wonderful miniflora more than a little worthy of garden space. This strong rose is totally nonstop in the garden.

Does anyone know anything about Shenandoah, another miniflora from Bridges. I have a tendency to lean toward the miniflora and this one looks interesting. I might have to put it on my list.

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I keep say Autumn Sunset when I mean Autumn Splendor. I must have Autumn Sunset on the brain, or maybe it's one I unconciously want! Anyway, it is the miniflora Autumn Splendor that I have.

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kentucky_rose zone 6

I was just thinking in general about what each of us would include in a '2008 must have.' I have several mini/fora's and enjoy making small arrangements with them. My list of must haves include Bees Knees, Autumn Splendor, Soroptomist International, Erin Alonso, Memphis King, Whirlaway, Baby Boomer, Conundrum, Butter Cream, and Hot Tamale. Thanks, I hope this info helps.
Kentucky Rose

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diane_nj 6b/7a

Soroptimist International is a mini, not a miniflora. It is one honking great performer. I have two plants, and they make excellent plants in addition to being very generous with blooms and bloom cycles.

Leading Lady is another of Frank B.'s roses that are vigorous growers. A little slower on rebloom than SI, but the flowers are large and lovely (some say too large for a miniflora). I have three.

Bee's Knees and Erin Alonzo (sport of BK) are also two very good growers for me, BK recycles a little faster, but both produce good sets of high-centered, full blooms. Both are close to the 4.5' tall range this year.

Willing from Robbie Tucker has been a very robust grower in its first year (Dancing Flame is a parent). I haven't treated it well, but I did move it to a 14" pot in September, and it has thrived. Hasn't bloomed well because it gets too much shade, but I look forward to seeing it next season.

Dr. John Dickman, if you don't have it, is great, if you are patient. A real slacker for the first two years, it took off this year, beautifully colored blooms, excellent form. Plant is also 4.5' tall. It grew tall the first couple of years, but didn't product much, this year sent a couple of basals up and produced a lot more.

I can't keep Butter Cream or Hot Tamale alive. Means more space for other roses.

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ken_se_fl(9 SE, Fl.)

Talking strickly mini-floras (you have several minis mixed in your group), Leading Lady is a good rose. Whirlaway is also a must have. Abby's Angel has been a very nice surprise. Tiffany Lynn has always been a great rose. Butter Cream has grown great for me. Memphis King is a slow grower as is Louisville Lady and Class of 73'. Shenandoah is a GREAT first year rose. I'm not much of a red person, but I really like this rose. There are some fantastic pictures of Whirlaway on another rose forum.

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kentucky_rose zone 6

Oops, I guess I wasn't clear. By inserting the "/" (mini/floras), I was meaning miniatures and minifloras.
Kentucky Rose

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mike_in_new_orleans(9a/ coastal LA)

For 2008? I wish I had the inside scoop on brand new varieties, but I don't. I fantasize about buying one of every new introduction to test-run them for a couple years. If only I had the space and money (sigh).

I just got Leading Lady and Liberty Bell, neither has bloomed yet but I'm looking forward to them. I saw Liberty Bell last May across town in a local garden and it was stunning! Leading Lady I keep hearing similar reports.
Got Butter Cream earlier this year; what a beauty! not tons of flowers, but they were large, every one perfectly formed at all stages, and lasted a very long time.

Copy everything I said about Butter Cream and apply it to Memphis Magic; just at nearly opposite ends of the rose color spectrum. MM is as close to a black rose as I've ever seen (depending on weather) and velvety too.

No one has mentioned Double Gold. Really terrific looking golden apricot miniflora. Small, compact bush and big shapely blooms.

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