yellow jackets is this common?

andyandy(6bMI)September 6, 2012

I moved a few weeks ago and at my old place I never noticed any bees taking pollen from my hot pepper plants. I figured they were just not to their taste. Since I have moved though I have seen what look more like yellow jackts than bees taking pollen. it seems strange as they do not look like bees so I would not expect them to go for flowers.

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Yup, nothing better then watching the bees take the pollen from the peppers you grew!

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I have finally seen a return of they typical Honey bee in my area this year. But yes, besides that, I get yellow jackets, bumble bees, various kinds of small wasps and even the regular wasps that are so prevalent around the house on cool fall days. They all hit my pepper blossoms fairly regular. But this is the first summer since moving to my current house in late 2007 that I have seen any real amount of honey bees at all.

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DMForcier(8 DFW)

Yellow jackets will eat anything; they're not proud - or specialized. They like meat too.

For a few years a few years ago, a swarm of honey bees would overnight in a neighbor's tree in early summer, apparently enroute a new home. I haven't seen them the past few years. Nor do I often see them on the flowers.

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