Help ID unknown pink

merlcat(7a)March 24, 2013

I'm hoping to give a name to this pink rose. These pictures are from last may. The plant was from a cutting I rooted in 2010, so I don't have pictures of the whole plant. It grows in Philadelphia and the mother plant is about chest high and seems to grow as a climber along a fence with long canes and a stout framework. I think it could be much taller but it seems trained with the canes almost woven side to side on the split rail and has a strong framework.

I happened to be walking by and saw all these long canes cut on the ground and paused to look at them. The person tending the property (a commercial property) called over and said I could take them. I didn't even realize he was there, just paused because there were all these cuttings on the ground. I never asked the name, I'm a dummy! He said he worked on all that persons properties and I haven't seen him since. I could try and look him up somhow but thought I would see what you guys thought.

My cuttings did great. I have two plants.They have both thrown out some long canes and I finally planted them last season in the ground. There has been no dieback at all. the canes were pretty flexible since they were young. One I wrapped around a small pillare, the other I planted in the ground at my parents against a small trellis, attaching the canes back and forth from side to side. I assume it is some type of climber, but could be considered a shrub from the looks of the mother plant, I suppose.

Any ideas? I hope to try and get pictures of the mother plant in bloom and always forget to bring my camera when I am up there, but I figured I would start with the photos I took last year.

This plant is young so the blooms seem floppy, but from the looks of the mother plant I would not really consider it weak stemmed. It does repeat.

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seil zone 6b MI

From your description of it's growth habit and the lovely pictures I'm going to hazard a guess at New Dawn.

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I was thinking that as a possibility, too, seil. I think I expected more thorns, but maybe it's still too small to really show them. It is also planted next to "Falling in Love" which is crazy-thorny, so in comparison this one is not too bad!

I love the thorns on "Falling in Love", by the way. It is pretty much why we picked it out last year. We both were impressed by its thorniness! She sure is pretty, though!

I'm going to have to get pictures of the mother plant as soon as I can. Have to remember my camera, only ever have my cell phone with me when I am passing her.

My falling in love was the only rose I have that suffered any winter dieback. Lots, actually. I'm clueless what to trim from her, it seems so drastic. But that is for another thread, and a different set of pictures. :)

Thanks, Seil!

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LOL. If this is new dawn it will eat the tiny tripod it's on it one summer. It's about 4 feet tall!
Whoops. Guess I am going to have to get creative and start wrapping her canes around herself to create a living, woven, freestanding object d' art!
It's all good. I think...

Not to mention the plastic trellis my dad insisted on using at his house!
My mom is going to die when she sees it start to grow. It has a great spot in full sun in the middle back yard and will collapse the flimsy trellis in no time! That will be the last rose my mom lets me plant there. She already calls roses "thorny bastards" and it took all year to get the okay to bring it over and plant! I even gave them the best and most robust of the two! Pft! Oh well…..! :)

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That is 'New Dawn'. You might want to build some more serious support architecture for it this year ;-)

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