kentucky_rose zone 6November 7, 2008

I used the forum search for Herbie. There was a lot of hits, but "page cannot be found." So I would appreciate any new or old info on this mini. I like roses that produce, aren't disease magnets, and have a good vase life. Nor'East has it available on their website. Thanks!

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There is a problem with the search function of the Miniature Rose Forum so I rely on my Yahoo search engine. This is one workaround, but others may have a faster way. Using your Yahoo, Google, or other search engine, search on "Herbie Miniature Roses Forum" (without quotation marks). This will bring up many results. The results from "forums.gardenweb.com/forums"; are from this board.

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Herbie is a great rose to grow and will grow very nicely also if you have an area that has a little shade. I'm growing it where it only gets about 4 -6 hours of sun tops. Beautiful color and fast growing, see Digger's great pics on HMF. I can't compete with his gorgeous pics of Herbie but here are a couple of mine recently to show you how pretty he is. This rose always has blooms on it and I can't tell you no spray because obviously I don't live in your zone. It's a happy, healthy rose for me.
Old bloom, lots of buds:)


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diane_nj 6b/7a

I grew Herbie for many, many years. Not disease resistant, but a little trooper. Was usually the first to bloom and usually always had a bloom. Not very vigorous, stayed small. I lost it this year because it was overrun by some invaside vinca in the bed, but I would grow it again.

If you are having problems getting to links returned by "Search" it is usually because the URL for the thread returned in the search is pointing to "forums2.gardenweb.com/...";. If this happens, go up to the "Address" or "URL" field in your browser, put your cursor behind the '2' and remove it (backspace), then hit "Enter". The url should look like "forums.gardenweb.com/..."; You should then be able to find the thread.

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roseblush1(8a/Sunset 7)

I have grown Herbie in two different climates. In San Diego, the rose did get partial shade and it was always one of my favorite roses. It was very productive and put out beautiful blooms. In the mountains of northern California, Herbie grew well in both a large container and once it was planted with no winter protection and our winter temps can get down to the low teens at night.

For me, the rose was disease free because both climates have dry summer weather. However, in NOCAL, I have weeks of triple digit temps and had Herbie planted in full sun. I didn't like the way the blooms aged on the bush and since I rarely cut blooms for the house, Herbie was one of the first roses I shovel pruned. The blooms didn't open quickly, so they cooked and turned an ugly lavender brown. I gave the rose to someone who could plant it in partial shade and she says she loves it.

It IS a "little trooper". I truly like the rose.


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